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    ntpMerlin Addons page blank 386.2_beta3

    No, I'm running the Merlin releases in this beta stream, (started with the alpha, as it arrived just the day before I received my shiny new tri-band WiFi 6 router!), but I found this as a known issue on stock firmware as well. See...
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    ntpMerlin Addons page blank 386.2_beta3

    Does this include updates for addons in general on AX11000 (and presumably other HND routers) where the /opt partition isn't mounted R/W at boot time? In particular, I want my swapfile and Entware and other addons on a USB drive, which requires re-mounting /opt to /tmp/opt at just the right...
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 Firmware

    I solved all my Sonos issues on any release (beta/production/alpha) merely by setting the 2.4 GHz radio bandwidth to 20 MHz only, not 20/40 MHz auto/co-existence, which is the default setting on ASUSWRT. The 40 MHz channel width theoretically increases the available bandwidth in 802.11n (now...
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    [Alpha] 386.2

    The better practice would be to run regular backups of jffs to a USB drive. Install NSRU from AMTM and either take a new backup manually whenever you make a change, or set up a cron job to run backups daily/weekly/monthly/whenever.