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  1. Hawk

    Because typing WPA keys on a smartphone usually sucks

    Great, I can use QR code directly from router, previously I was using android phone to generate code, thank you for implementing this in router.
  2. Hawk

    AX88U Wireless - Professional tweak

    Change security settings to WPA2 only for both bands.
  3. Hawk

    Release ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    Concrete wall is responsible for your problem, 5 ghz signal have much harder time passing through concrete wall. A single wall will reduce signal strength by 25 to 30 dbm for 5 ghz, less signal = less speed.
  4. Hawk

    Release ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    How far do you go, before you start seeing these effects.
  5. Hawk

    Release ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    I was pointing more towards 9.6 Gbps speed, should have been more clear, on my s10 with 80 mhz wide channel I routinely get 700 to 800 Mbps, so 160 mhz wide channel should definitely give higher speeds.
  6. Hawk

    Release ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    These speeds are theoretical maximum. However it’s unlikely to ever reach those speeds in real-world WiFi use.
  7. Hawk

    How Can I increase Transmit power?

    On new router power level information is stored in bootloader and it is encrypted, this modification to bootloader is not possible anymore.
  8. Hawk

    RT-AX88U : Tired of random PPPOe disconnects

    Not sure what to say, the only thing I can think of is probably the implementation of PPPOE, I have the same router and using FTTH with PPPoE setup, no disconnects on my side. Have you tried different firmware, not merlin, and see if it goes away. Also, try to do a factory reset.
  9. Hawk

    What's the best "standing" asus router that merlin supports?

    Yup, if he was looking for other option and not restricted to one which can stand up, I would have suggested RT-AX88U as well.
  10. Hawk

    What's the best "standing" asus router that merlin supports?

    Rtax88u is not standing model, the key over here is one which can stand.
  11. Hawk

    RT-AX86U / RT-AX55 AiMesh - Single shared channel?

    All devices in aimesh share same channel. So far no way around it.
  12. Hawk

    How to let Devices see each other in Guest network?

    I also remember reading somewhere that Asus has hard-coded isolation in guest networks. Which would explain why main works and not on guest.
  13. Hawk

    Something has happened to my AC5300 router...

    Correct, clock has to sync again with ntp server after router boot up.
  14. Hawk

    Optimizing WiFi performance

    Generally when it come to noise, lower is better. In this case what noise is basically anything minus signal, since we can't eliminate noise, we try to reduce it. Example signal from device received is (-60) and noise is (-80) in this case signal to noise ratio would be 20 dbm which is good...
  15. Hawk

    Wireless not connecting? Is it due to Windows upgrade?

    Try updating drivers and see if it helps, my tenant once had issue where it would stop seeing ssid on ax based router updating driver fixed it.