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Jan 2, 2012
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    1. cron0s
      Hi hggomes, can you share a link for me to download AC87U HGG fw from you? :) i'm using the 380.57.7 fw from you now.
    2. nicsid
      Could you please send me a link for latest firmware 380.58.2 for RT-AC68u as the one you have on mediafire is not working?Thanks
    3. Ameenhuus
      Hello, could you please send me your latest firmware for the RT-N66U and the RT-AC68U.
      Thank you very much
    4. panjinwen
      Hi hggomes, I am currently using your firmware 378.57.7 on my RT-AC68U,it working good and stable,can you send me the link to the latest HGG firmware for the AC68U
      Thank you
    5. Harvester
      Hi, could you please send me your latest firmware for the RT N66U and the AC68U.
      Thank you
    6. ruudje007
      Can you send me the link to the latest HGG firmware for the AC87U and the N66U
      Thank you in advanced.
    7. Dean
      Hi, can i please have your latest FM,i love it soo much especially the increase in signal power. I currently use
    8. Abit
      Hggomes Hello! Greetings from Romania. Using the firmware you created some time on the three routers asus they hold (ac 87U, ac68U and rt-n18U. Now wait for 380.58.1 on mediafire but seems no longer public. Can you send me a link and please? Thanks for all you hard work.
    9. h0m3r
      I have been using your fork on my RT-AC68U ever since I found it and I would very much like to try 380.58.1 if possible. Thanks.
    10. kluthi
      Hello hggomes,
      I am using 357.7 on my Asus RT-AC3200 and need the new version 358.8.1. Please send me the link. Thanks
    11. jackpot
      Hello Hggomes,
      If you would be so kind to allow me to use your 380.58.1 firmware for my RT-n16 and RT-AC68.
      Thanks for all you hard work.
    12. Priskvark
      Hello Hggomes,

      I would like to upgrade my router firmware from your fork 380.57 to 380.58. Sadlay the usual place at MediaFire seem not to be used anymore, exept for status and changelog messages. Do you support a new download link and could I get that info? I use the router models: RT-AC87U and RT-N66U.

      Take care!
    13. G313
      Hi Hggomes, since I discovered your firmware I have used nothing but, would love to use your latest edition can you make it possible. Asus AC3200, AC66U, RT-N16.
      Thank You
    14. seekbt2
      Hi hggomes, I am currently using your firmware 378.57.7 on my RT-AC68P and and 378.55.3 on RT-AC66U for AP, both working great. I really wanna update your new firmware to the latest version which is on longer available now, would you be kindly send a link of your new new 380.58.1 for the AC68P and AC66U. Thank you! wish you have a good day!
    15. scottts
      Thanks for the firmware you write. I've been using 380.57.7 on an RT-AC87U. It really covers my house well and is very stable. I almost hate to mess with it, but would like to try 380.58.1 since it has an updated Quantenna driver. Please share a link to it with me if you're willing. Thanks again.
    16. srtboy28
      I have been using your firmware for quite some time with all my asus routers. I haven't been following the forum lately but I noticed that your firmware is no longer available from the link that I have. Please, if it is possible, allow me access to your firmware again. I appreciate all your work. Thanks.
    17. sunnyday123

      I have recently used the your 378.55.3 unlocked firmware. Working great!
      Could you please share the latest firmware for ac56u?

      Thanks in advance!
    18. Tomo
      Hi hggomes, I want know if it's possible to receive your latest firmware for 68u, i have 2 floor and i need a better coverage, thank you.
    19. G997
      Been using your firmware on 68u. Its the best,
      Would like to have your latest for my 88u if possible...
      Regards and Thank You
    20. TAG02
      hggomes, it appears that many people follow your efforts on this forum. I too enjoy your releases of the ASUS firmware and was disappointed when the files were removed. I understand why, but is there a chance I could be linked to the latest AC68u firmware.
      Thank you
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