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Jan 2, 2012
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    1. seekbt2
      Hello, could you please send me a link for the latest FW 380.57.4 for AC68P(Router) and AC66U(Bridge). Thank you so much!
    2. bigcid10
      Could you please send me a link for the 3200 380.57.4? thank you so much
    3. petcan3
      hello could you please send me a link for the latest FW for AC68U? Thank You very much!
    4. brbbX
      Hi, could you please send me the link for AC68U? Thank you very much!
    5. frytom
      Hello, can you send me the link to the 380.57.4 firmware for the n66u? Thanks alot for you hard work.
    6. wantagewill
      Hi, Can you send me the link to your firmware please for the n66u. Thank you, Best, Wills
    7. dimbert
      Hi there! First of all Tks for your amazing FW. Just wondering if you can share a download link of the latest FW for RT-AC87U. Tks in Advance
    8. trakman
      Hi there HGGomes. Just wondering if you can share a download link for 380.57.2_HGG-FINAL (based on RMerlin 380.57) for RT-AC66U.
    9. magnus_ca
      Would you please provide links for n66u and ac56u please? Thanks in advance.
    10. Lars
      Hello could you pm me link files?latest files/old i have asus ac68u ,ac87 and i have ac3200
    11. palmc
      Hi, can you please send me a link for 380.57.3, thanks.

      Your fw works very well and I would like to continue with the latest.
    12. shooter40sw
      Hi, can you please send me a link for the RT66U, thanks
    13. DomFel
      Man please ignore the idiots on this forum and restore the links! Yours is the reason why many of us keep using ASUS routers! THANKS A LOT!
    14. Dragster
      Hi there HGGomes.. Just wondering if you can share a download link for 380.57.2_HGG-FINAL (based on RMerlin 380.57) as I don't see it in your media fire share... thank you very much!
    15. natlab
      Hi hggomes! Like many, I saw the recommendation for your custom fork on another thread & hope to fix my horrible Wifi connections on my Apple devices.

      I am using an Asus RT-AC87U with the latest Merlin firmware 380.57 & I would absolutely appreciate a download link to your custom fork to assist with this. Many many thanks for your time & mastery!
    16. ablatt
      Can you please provide a download link for the 380_57 final HGG firmware for the rt-ac68u. Much appreciated.
    17. Andrew M
      Andrew M
      I am using the Asus RT-AC68U running the latest Merlin firmware, but my apple devices wont connect to the Wifi. From reading the forums suggestion are made to try your custom firmware to amend the 802.11h+d settings? Are you able to provide this to me.

      thanks in advance.
    18. pirelli2006
      hello master. fantastic your work. i want test new build alpha or beta for n66u, for another device already upload. pls added support alpha release for n66u. thx
    19. uronito
      Merry Christmas. Can you send me modiffied firmware for asus ac87u with cfe unlocked?

      Thanks in advance
    20. Muggesand
      Hi. i´m using your fw 378.55_3_HGG_FINAL, on both my ac68 and ac66. Have been really stable, but i now start to get some wifi-dropouts on the ac66. Are there some newer fw from you? for both ac68 and ac66. Thanks in advance!
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