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Jan 2, 2012
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Very Senior Member

    1. basketball
      May I have a link for RT-N16 hggomes firware?
      Thanks in advance.
    2. Kreeture
      Hi, could you send me a link to the latest rt-ac87u firmware with the older working quantenna firmware so it works with a repeater on 5ghz band. Cheers.
    3. adev2
      Hi hggomes, Would you be so kind to send me the latest hggomes firmware ? Much appreciated.
    4. l288
      Hi I would like to have a link for the RT-AC87U please. Thank you!
    5. bluewater
      May I have a link for RT-AC68U hggomes firmware? Thanks you!
    6. kantenna
      Hello Sir, May i have a link for RT-N16 and RT-N66U hggomes firmware? Thank you very much
    7. JillBCool
      Hello hggomes. I am in need of better firmware for my Asus Rt-ac88u. Can you send me the link? Thank You
    8. Pito Ganzado
      Pito Ganzado
      May I have a link for RT-AC68U hggomes firmware? Thanks you!
    9. Cosu
      Hello hggomes, thanks for your good work with the firmware you provide. Could you please send me a link with HGG 378.55.3 firmware version for ASUS rt-ac68u router? Thanks!
    10. Shturman
      May I have a link for RT-AC66U hggomes firware? Thanks.
    11. vaszago
      Have it only noticed now that you have created a 380.63 with old QTN. Thank you
      So the repeater mode works on my AC68. If it is not a big job. Can you create a 380.64 with old QTN. Thanks
    12. Vadafonchik
      May I have a link for RT-AC68U hggomes firware? Thanks in advance
    13. Danny1987
      Hello, I would also like a link for RT-AC87U hggomes firmware? Thanks a lot!
    14. martijn-tje
      Can I get a link for RT-AC87U hggomes firmware? Thanks a lot!
    15. Xseeker
      May I have a link for RT-AC68U hggomes firware? Thanks.
    16. costi1010

      Your work is very much appreciated. Could you please send me as well the link for the RT-AC87U.
      Many Thanx and Cheers,
    17. merced2001
      Hi! Can I have a link for RT-AC68U hggomes firware? Got mine router thanks to Christmas discount :)
    18. octavioromo
      Hello! Heard about your awesome work and would love to try it out. May i download it please for the RT-AC68U.
      Thanks so much, Happy Holidays!
    19. instant7771
      I have a RT-AC87U, and RT-AC88U 2model. I'm looking for a firmware, where the tx-power settings are not limited to the ridiculous 80mw as I'm having serious connection issues. In one post it has been referred to you. Can you send me the link to a firmware which has open tx-power? I highly appreciate your help. Thanks a lot in advance my email : [email protected]
    20. Sachb
      Hello , Sir. I am really satisfied with your outstanding work. Only your firmware does do some serious boost to the performance , I've used Merlin's and asus original but none can beat the performance of your firmware. Why have you deleted ur Firmware in your original website. It says 0 uploads by user.
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