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Jan 2, 2012
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    1. octavioromo
      Hello! Heard about your awesome work and would love to try it out. May i download it please for the RT-AC68U.
      Thanks so much, Happy Holidays!
    2. instant7771
      I have a RT-AC87U, and RT-AC88U 2model. I'm looking for a firmware, where the tx-power settings are not limited to the ridiculous 80mw as I'm having serious connection issues. In one post it has been referred to you. Can you send me the link to a firmware which has open tx-power? I highly appreciate your help. Thanks a lot in advance my email : [email protected]
    3. Sachb
      Hello , Sir. I am really satisfied with your outstanding work. Only your firmware does do some serious boost to the performance , I've used Merlin's and asus original but none can beat the performance of your firmware. Why have you deleted ur Firmware in your original website. It says 0 uploads by user.
    4. dhondtjes
      Hello hggomes , thanks for the incredible good firmware you make. Could you please send me a link for the latest stable firmware for the ASUS RT-AC87U ?
      Thanks in advance.
    5. Ole Geiser
      Ole Geiser
      Would appreciate an updated link for your excellent firmware (Asus AC68U)... Many thanks
      [email protected]
    6. Valorster
      Hello hggomes , thanks for the very good firmware you provide. Could you please send me a link for the rt-ac66u? Thanks a lot!
    7. bjornolof
      Good evening Mr Hoggmes Im looking for a custume firmware for the RT-N66U Router if you please cold send me the link Ty in advance ... Best regards Bjorn. my e-mail is bjorn.olof.horlin(at)gmail com
    8. Sam1991
      Dear HGGomes. I'm looking for the Asus AC87U fork firmware. Could you please send it to me? Thanks in advance. Regards. If necessary email is: s (dot) wiegerinck (at) gmail (dot) com
    9. yamvmax
      looking for FW for AC68u please. Thanks!
    10. unrealbe
      Could you also send me the firmware for your fork of the ASUS RT-AC87U?
    11. MichaelG04
      Could you please send me the firmware for your fork of the ASUS RT-AC87U, thanks so much!
    12. Bin Han
      Bin Han
      Hello hggomes. Can you please kindly send me a link for AC68U as well? Trying to use it in Australia! Thank you very much all your hard work! :) Email is [email protected]
    13. Virgil
      Hello hggomes , thanks for the incredible good firmware you make. Could you please send me a link for the latest stable firmware for the ASUS RT-AC87U ?
      Thanks in advance.
    14. slidermike
      Good evening Hoggmes.
      I have a T-Mobile RT-AC68U coming and I am going to flash its CFE so I can install non-T-Mobile firmware on it.
      Would you be kind enough to provide me a copy of your current firmware for the AC68U please?

      Thank you very much.
    15. Martin1966
      Dear hggomes,

      Keep up the good work,can you provide me with a link or send me the firmware from Your Custom firmware(fork) for the Asus RT-AC87U

      Thanks in advance,

      Regards Martin
    16. Toin
      Dear hggomes, thanks for your good work. Can you give me a link to download the newest hgg firmware for my router Asus RT-AC87U. Thank you very much.
    17. Evictoria
      Dear hggomes, would you be so Kind to provide me a link to download Your Custom firmware for my Asus RT-AC87U. Many thanks and best regards. Etienne
    18. Gibby

      Is there a new download firmware for my asus rt-ac87u?

      My mail is [email protected]

      Grtz Gilbert
    19. Gibby
      Hi, where can ik download new firmware for my asus rt-ac87u?

      Ik need aan high txpower and your older firmware was GREAT distance signal
    20. Erik Dalgaard
      Erik Dalgaard
      I have RT-N66U Router. And I am looking for a new firmware. Can you give me the link for your firmware? Thank you.
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