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  1. JackFrost

    Any way to overclock new RT-AC68U?

    @Wallace_n_Gromit thanks, that is the confirmation I was searching for.
  2. JackFrost

    AC68U 400Mb/s wifi download speed limit?

    Cable 500dl and 30up Mb/s like I stated. I do get those speed over cable but not over Wifi for some reason - or the wifi speed is directly affected by range and the reported link speed is not what I should keep in mind? Still, it is strange that it is capped at 410/420 for both laptop and...
  3. JackFrost

    Any way to overclock new RT-AC68U?

    Is overclocking possible on AC68U hardware v3? Tried it but bogo mips goes to 100Mhz after OCing to 1200 and I had to revert to stock 1000Mhz.