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Huawei HG612 - VDSL Modem (TalkTalk 80/20Mb)
Asus RT-AC86U (Merlin) - Main Router WiFi Disabled (348.12)
Asus RT-AC5300 (Stock) - AP/Ai-Mesh Router (32799)
Asus RT-AC5300 (Stock) - Ai-Mesh Node (32799)
Asus RT-AC88U (Stock) - Ai-Mesh Node (32738)
TP-Link TL-PA8030 x4 Powerline Backbone for routers with 1Gbps+ room-room connectivity


Huawei HG612 + RT-AC86U(Merlin) + RT-AC88U/RT-AC5300 AiMesh. TalkTalk 80/20 VDSL
See Profile Page>Information tab for more info on setup