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    Slow Internet after enabling Traffic Monitoring/Analyzer (RT-AC68U)

    I've been looking at the traffic monitoring feature in the ASUSWRT software as well. One thing that I've noticed is that it seems to be limited to TCP / UDP traffic, e.g. when an IPSEC tunnel comes up on a node, it no longer gets counted. I'm wondering if VNSTAT is the answer to this issue.
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    Slower speeds on RT-AC68U compared to ISP supplied router, especially upload on a wired conn.

    I'm thinking that the speed test in the router is single threaded, i.e. not attempting multiple streams from different sources like the web client and Windows app are.
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    Strange issue losing Internet Connection

    I do not see that option. I will assume that it's removed in the Merlin fork so that ASUS doesn't get reports that may be caused by Merlin changes.
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    Strange issue losing Internet Connection

    As I said above, I already made the behavior go away. It isn't necessary to go bare metal to fix it. If I had a separate test network I might do that and try to create a tight reproducer of the problem, by returning to bare-metal, turning on Dual WAN with auto-failover then disabling Dual WAN...
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    Strange issue losing Internet Connection

    I have a RT-AC1900P running current version of Merlin firmware. Connected to an AT&T BGW 210 gateway in IP Passthrough mode. Has worked reliably for years. I also have an Ooma VOIP device with T-Mobile LTE backup, on which you're allowed to do some non-VOIP traffic. I found out that the...
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    SECURITY: LAN-side security hole - mitigation

    Oops. Thanks. It didn't sink in that January 2015 wasn't this year (still living in the past, I guess). I'm running the firmware that was available when I set up the thing back in September. I will install the latest version as soon as I have the time. Until then, it's powered off.
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    SECURITY: LAN-side security hole - mitigation

    I believe that I have been hacked. There's really only one user using this router, and she reported to me yesterday that she was being asked by the ISP for a login. While the screen was a pretty nice forgery of the ISP's style, the ISP never asks for a login. I clicked on "forgot password"...
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    I've looked through the forums, and I cannot find a real answer to this: What, exactly (and please use human readable terms, as opposed to configuration script lines), does turning on the IPTV setting do? I get that it sets up a VLAN and I see that I can play with IGMP peeking and routing...