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    Diversion Diversion installed fresh, not blocking any ads?

    Hi LC Any ideas on the error received below when trying to send a test mail through diversion. This error was not present priorto upgrading to 4.2 bad decrypt 4148600832:error:06065064:lib(6):func(101):reason(100):NA:0: % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time...
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    vnStat [Release] vnStat-on-Merlin - UI, CLI and email - data use and data limit monitoring - R1 and R2

    Hi dev_null I had my rollover date set at 14 month. Today ( 15th ) I still see this message You have used 46.95% (234.74GB) of your 500.00GB cycle allowance; the next cycle starts on day 14 of the month. After I went in and manually updated stats - i get You have used 2.35% (11.73GB) of your...
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    connmon [BETA2] connmon v3.0.0

    amazing work Jack - all working perfectly - very talented
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    connmon [BETA2] connmon v3.0.0

    I do have - i get it now - thanks
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    connmon [BETA2] connmon v3.0.0

    Hi Jack not sure whether thresholds on Jitter are working properly. Currently have threshold set at 77ms and threshold on ping set at 45ms and receiving emails as follows"- Ping: 35.112 ms Jitter: 1.283 ms Line Quality: 100.000 %
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    Router temperatures

    This whole thread is not necessary
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    Which WAN packet overhead for Telus VDSL2? (Canada)

    makes no difference at all. you can enter 0 and it will work just the same
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    Bug? Asus RT-AC86U running 386.2.6 - Total loss of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi after some days

    You have a lot of settings that are sub-optimal - in professional settings disable universal beamforming, set a fixed wifi channel 1,6,11 are best dont use auto- choose one with least intererence and use iinsider to determine that. Also set BW to 20MHz NOT 20/40. Set tx bursting to disable in...
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    AC-86U Wireless Radios Fried?

    Buy a new router is my advice
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    vnStat [Release] vnStat-on-Merlin - UI, CLI and email - data use and data limit monitoring - R1 and R2

    Hi - my ISP data resets on 14th of evry month. I have 14 set on VNSTAT day of month but its not resetting stats. Using latest version 2.0 and 386.3.2 on AC86U
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    Tutorial [SOLUTION] Asuswrt-Merlin Tor via Bridge, Device, Browser, Entry (Guard)/Middle (Non-Exit) Relay, and Device/Browser/Relay Hybrid Implementations

    Within 48 hours of successful implementation, using a 100Mb/s fiber Internet link and Asus RT-AC66U (256MB) model router, our Tor via an Entry (Guard)/Middle (Non-Exit) Relay is showing up in the Tor Metrics database as having potential for a Fast-Middle Relay. We'll see where we end up after...
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    spdMerlin spdMerlin - v4.x - speedtest and bandwidth monitoring

    Hi Jack any reason why we cant make "toggle lines" stick in all your addons? We lose this particular setting intermittently. Also windows which get collapsed eg all the VNPC1 to VNPC5 always lose their collapsed status at various times when logging in to router.
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    Nest Protect

    expensive but good -
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    scMerlin scMerlin v2 - Service and script control menu for AsusWRT-Merlin

    everything fine here Jack - using ntpbootwatch on AC86U and AX86U