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  1. J

    [Firmware bug] XT8 can't reach NTP

    someone smarter than me is going to have to help you then, I"m out of ideas.
  2. J

    [Firmware bug] XT8 can't reach NTP

    Try setting the time manually and then try using the NTP server again. The router time needs to be close to the actual time of the NTP server to be able to be set with the NTP server.
  3. J

    Asus AP mode "light" possible? (use behind Sophos Firewall)

    If you had a hardware XG you could put one AP for a guest wifi network on one ethernet port and one AP for regular users on another ethernet port. That and a few changes to the configuration (a new Guest WIFI zone, a DHCP server for each ethernet port, some firewall rules, etc.) should provide...
  4. J

    Asus AP mode "light" possible? (use behind Sophos Firewall)

    Which model XG do you have? How many ethernet ports on it?
  5. J

    RT-AX58U Wireless Log

    Thanks for responding. I installed Merlin and all is right with the world.
  6. J

    RT-AX58U Wireless Log

    Hi, is anyone else having the problem of going to the wireless log and getting an empty frame with just a refresh button? And refreshing doesn't populate the frame. I'm using the firmware. thanks.
  7. J

    blog_emit, net_ratelimit

    On my AX58 with Merlin, on the System Log page, I have both the "Default message log level" and the "Log only messages more urgent than" set to "info", and in the System Log, I only see entries higher than info. I send the logs to a syslog server, but I get all the debug 'emit' stuff in there...
  8. J

    LG smart tv doesn't connect to internet with RT-AC68U

    Does your SmartDNS block any specific countries like South Korea or Taiwan? Maybe even when you turn off the smartDNS you need to flush the DNS cache? I had those problem with my TV a few years back and had to change the DNS server, reboot the router, and reboot the TV.
  9. J

    FIOS Coax Range Extender or Mesh?

    Their range extender is great. Flawless connection both Wi-Fi and MOCA, works at rated speed, can’t go wrong with it.
  10. J

    Client List from Command Line on RT-AC68U

    One way (and the only way I know) is to go into the Wireless Log and look at the Station List. Guest network devices have a non-blank ‘idx’ entry. I only have one guest network so my guest devices have an idx of 1. The other devices have a blank idx.
  11. J

    Fiber patch panels and switches

    Fiber is used in home LANs:
  12. J

    RESOLVED | RT-AC87U / RT-AC87R firmware issues

    No problems here, but I updated through the router’s update link.
  13. J

    Can I do this with Synology DS218+ —- ask here for best results.
  14. J

    HTTP URL is to bring up system command line box? for stock RT-AC68U

    It opens the window on my stock 87 and 68 with latest firmware.
  15. J

    RT-AC68U Firmware Question

    You need to unzip the zip file and use the .trx file inside to flash the firmware.