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  1. J

    Cat8 vs 6

    No more cable upgrades for me until they turn it up to Cat 11.
  2. J

    UniFi Dream Machine

    @jcy - You can track usage by device using the Unify Controller software. you could also set up a separate SSID for your roommate and track total usage for that SSID. You could even bandwidth limit that SSID if you wanted.
  3. J

    Plex Client connect to Routers Hooked up HD?

    You have to point your Plex Server to the hard drive as a source. Then it will stream with all of your other Plex media content.
  4. J

    Ubiquiti AC Pro and AC Lite Access Points Reviewed

    I've been a fan of Tim and his reviews since his first review web site around the turn of the century. I'm also a satisfied Ubiquiti customer for both my business and personal use. And in particular Brandon and the rest of the Unifi crew are always responsive to issues. I'm certain that the two...
  5. J

    Unifi Forums

    Strange thing is happening to my posts in the Ubiquiti forums. When I post there, my posts immediately disappear but show up in my subscription list. Here is the link directly from my subscriptions list: Just in...
  6. J

    WiFi RF Transmit Power

    After reading many threads in this forum and others about WiFi range and the best ways to extend it, I have to ask: Isn't the client device (thinking Phone/tablet/other mobile device) going to be the most likely limiting factor? Won't it have the lower gain antennas and less TX power (measured...
  7. J

    Linksys EA9200 Throughput Help

    I have used this router for a year or so as the gateway to my internet service without issue. I recently upgraded my service to a tier that is 200Mbits on the downstream and discovered that I cannot get any more than 94Mbits down through the EA9200 with my direct wired computer. I am quite...