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  1. J

    Guest wi-fi can still talk to LAN devices

    Thanks, Asus, for the deceptive setting.
  2. J

    Release RT-AC68U Firmware version

    Wow. A GUI bug that apparently no one knew about. And they won't post updates for known bugs ...
  3. J

    Guest wi-fi can still talk to LAN devices

    RT-AC68P, The guest wi-fi is configured for "Access Intranet" = "Disable". The guest device has a diff subnet (192.168.101) than the regular network (192.168.1). How then can the guest device connect to a device on the LAN? I have an Emby server on the LAN but the guest...
  4. J

    Icons on ASUS Router web page

    The icon with the person is a connection on the guest network.
  5. J

    Remove email address from Aiprotection Alert

    Hopefully someone has a better answer, but I'm thinking a reset is what you'll need to do.
  6. J

    AC86U crashes when computer connects

    Do you have WPA2/WPA3 mixed mode on?
  7. J

    Solved How to read crashlogs?

    Good job. Did you report to ASUS?
  8. J

    Port forwarding not working - ASUS RT-AC68U

    Shouldn't matter. The mapping is based on IP address, not connection technology.
  9. J

    Port forwarding not working - ASUS RT-AC68U

    Just found some Windows apps for this kind of testing:
  10. J

    Port forwarding not working - ASUS RT-AC68U

    Running a web server is pretty simple; you can listen on the default port 80 (and change your router mapping) or configure it to listen on 3030. You also need to make sure the local device firewall is not blocking that port (for whatever application you listen with). (Sorry for the redundant...
  11. J

    Port forwarding not working - ASUS RT-AC68U

    Does your ISP block that port? Is the device at listening to that port? (Is there an app or service listening on that port?) Does the network that the remote device is on block that port? (e.g., my company's network blocks almost all ports)
  12. J

    AC 86u and Shield TV Pro - Wifi Drops

    I you probably aren't wanting to spend $ for this short stint rental, but you could use the house wiring with Powerline Ethernet.
  13. J


    I don't know what you mean? I suppose you are talking about on the Shield. There is no opportunity to set the hostname on the Shield (or the router) that I've seen.
  14. J


    I've already done the manual assignment and gave friendly names, but that is seen only in the router. Thanks.
  15. J

    ASUS RT-AC68U Dropping WAN Connections - Resolved

    Thanks. Please let us know if ASUS support responds with anything useful.