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    Firmware Update for AX86U (8-31-2021)

    I was also experiencing much of what was described in that thread as well. I even went back to my trusty ac86u for a while. But when 44130 came out I tried it and it seemed to resolve all wifi drop issues for me. This latest version unfortunately seems to be a slight regression.
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    Firmware Update for AX86U (8-31-2021)

    Ya, the log is definitely noisier than the last firmware version. Every hour I get a whole whack of "WPA: group key handshake completed (RSN)" logs for what looks like every wireless device attached. Also, today after 7 days of no issues (that I am aware of) all of my 5 Ghz devices dropped all...
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    Firmware Update for AX86U (8-31-2021)

    Yes. I have been disconnect free for a couple of days now. I was actually experiencing disconnects on both 2.4 and 5 ghz bands. Really odd.
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    Firmware Update for AX86U (8-31-2021)

    I decided to go back and try this firmware again. The last time I installed it using the firmware automatic upload page which I never do (I was sitting outside and was too lazy to get in front of the laptop so I used the webui on my iPhone). I downloaded the firmware from ASUS and uploaded it...
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    Firmware Update for AX86U (8-31-2021)

    I am also experiencing disconnects with this version. I tried factory resetting and setting up from scratch but it doesn’t help. After about 12 hours devices start dropping. The last version was very stable for me and I have had to revert.
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    Release ASUS RT-AX86U Firmware version

    And debugging was finally turned off!
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    New AX86U node and IOT devices

    Try disabling Wi-Fi Agile Multiband, Target Wake Time, and Protected Management Frames on the wireless tab if any are enabled. These are the new default values after I factory reset the latest official version. I have not seen the disconnects I was seeing previously.
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    New RT-AX86U firmware

    I decided to try this version again. I noticed after installing and factory resetting, the default for “target wake time” on the wireless tab is now disabled. Previously I was disabling AX and target wake time on the 2.4 band because it seemed to be causing issues on both bands with devices...
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    AX86U High CPU Usage and Packet Loss

    I personally have found the 384 series of firmware to be more reliable on the AX86U. I keep trying the new versions but I end up with some weird wireless issues and revert back to 384.9318.
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    New RT-AX86U firmware

    Google home devices still have issues with Merlin's latest beta which is based on the same GPL version so I assume it's not fixed.
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 Beta is now available

    I was having all kinds of weird wifi connectivity issues with my brand new AX86U that I never had with the AC86U. Pretty much the same as what you are describing. I ended up disabling 802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6 mode and Target Wake Time on the 2.4 Ghz band and I think that has fixed it. I didn't even...
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    I have both the AX86u and a Xbox Series X. I just upgraded to 386.1_2 from 386.1. When I fired up the xbox, it was not getting a ipv6 address but the NAT was open. I rebooted it and it now has both ipv4 and ipv6 and the NAT is open. I dont enable QOS and I did not change the Enable GeForce...
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    ASUS RT-AC86U firmware release

    Is Merlin's latest alpha based on
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    ASUS RT-AC86U firmware release

    I have been up for 5 hours now and there have been absolutely no spamming of messages in the system log. In fact, there have been no messages since it rebooted. I do have AIProtection on as well and no crashes. Fingers crossed.
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    IPv6 and Stateless Configuration

    Well I think I figured it out! Unfortunately I don't know much about IPv6 so that explains a lot ;) I went back and bridged my modem to take another stab at this. I set the IPv6 to Native, DHCP-PD enable, and changed the auto configuration setting to Stateful. I set the IP Pool starting...