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  1. Klueless

    Wireless backhaul for two Asus RT-AX86U - good idea?

    With regards to fine tuning the positioning of your existing AX this Forum Stickie might be of some interest? With regards to using a wireless backhaul between two (2) AX86Us the bigger issue comes to play when a user connects to the same radio that is backhauling to the router. Let's call the...
  2. Klueless

    Multiple routers or mesh?

    Trip always comes up with the best solutions. Me? I come up with cheap. If it's just two wireless nodes (wireless router and AP) I usually just go with an AP. If it's three or more nodes I start looking at MESH. If you were happy with the powerline (save for the backhaul) you could keep the...
  3. Klueless

    AC68U Guest network in AP mode

    Congratulations! Now I'm left wondering; Can you connect to the Draytek using, say, the 2.4 GHz radio only thus leaving the 5 GHz radio / SSID for clients only? (I've set up repeaters/extender before but never the Asus version.)
  4. Klueless

    AC68U Guest network in AP mode

    That is unfortunate. The Asus is a "Router". AP, Repeater, etc. are simply tweaks, configuration alternatives. As such I'm not surprised that they didn't clean up the main GUI to reflect their limitations. I am a little surprised you bought a router to dumb down to serve as an AP when one...
  5. Klueless

    AC68U Guest network in AP mode

    With the Asus in "Repeater" mode you will connect to one of the Draytek "guest" SSIDs. The Asus will then broadcast a SSID for clients. I "think", by default, the client SSID will have a slightly different name but can be renamed to the SSID name you prefer. If/when you get that working we...
  6. Klueless

    AC68U Guest network in AP mode

    Uh oh. ISP Router? I mistakenly assumed you were using an Asus Router which allows multiple SSIDs, some guest and some not. Does your ISP router allow similar? If so then yes to a, yes to b and yes, I do believe the vernacular would be "repeater mode".
  7. Klueless

    AC68U Guest network in AP mode

    I've observed the same. An Asus in "router" mode: Ethernet - Full Access Main SSID - Full Access "Guest" SSID - Optional Isolation An Asus "AP" simply inherits the attributes of its connection into the router thus a simple solution is to connect the AP wirelessly to the router's guest SSID...
  8. Klueless

    Need Good Upgrade to my RT-N66U

    Good. I'm glad you are happy with the AC86U. I had several N66Us. I replaced one with an AC1900P and another with a Blue Cave. Now don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with both of them but when I replaced a couple of other N66Us with AC86Us there was a definite "Wow!" factor! Co-workers even...
  9. Klueless

    Extending network?

    My skills are limited so I lean towards simple, easy, cheap. Buying a 2nd router and dumbing it down to be an AP is doable but it's not the cheapest or simplest. (Also my wife would never tolerate a 2nd multi-horned alien creature hanging about.) Can't disagree but, sometimes, I'll still go...
  10. Klueless

    Bi-Directional VPN using two Asus Routers via OpenVPN NOT WORKING .. argh :(

    Thanks for the "shout out" but it's been awhile since I played with OpenVPN. It was fun, it was exciting, it worked but I dropped it when I realized Internet latency rendered my legacy database application useless. After reading your post you're already far more advanced than me so do take...
  11. Klueless

    NETGEAR Arlo Reviewed

    Thank you kindly for your reply. When I first went over I really thought it was going to be an Internet service speed overload problem. Part way in I started thinking otherwise. The only 4K TV, the "family" TV, they have is on an old fashioned cable TV setup so it's out of band / not on the...
  12. Klueless

    NETGEAR Arlo Reviewed

    Last thing I ever thought I'd be doing is reactivating a 5 year old thread. I think this must work most of the time (or Arlo wouldn't still be in business : -) but, perhaps, not all the time? My son called me over. He bought a used house about a decade ago. Decent size, just shy of 3,000...
  13. Klueless

    Block wireless bridge clients

    Seems like normal behavior to me. "PC83" sends a message over Ethernet to "WRT152". WRT152 stuffs it into an "envelope" and sends it wirelessly to the Asus Router. All the Asus Router sees is "152" so that is who it's going to talk back and forth with. It's then up to WRT152 to deliver it to...
  14. Klueless

    How can I separate my tv from the network?

    Yes, it does. (It uses the same DHCP server.) The way I "see" it the router simply "flags" a SSID. The router sees traffic coming from a SSID, checks the flag and denies access to the LAN. Yes, there is a 2nd broadcast and yes, there is some incremental overhead. I view it as "minimal" but...
  15. Klueless

    How can I separate my tv from the network?

    That is true so let's try a different tack. Your home router defines the IP address space for your home LAN (local area network). Let call it 192.168.1.x ( - In addition to the Internet LAN devices can talk to each other. If you set "Guest" and disable intranet...