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    AIMesh guest wifi on 'slave' device

    I'm looking into aimesh (ax88u with some cheaper one like ac68u). I was wondering if the guest wifi's (I need 3) when defined on the 'master' are also available on the 'slaves'. In my current setup I have do some tricks with iptables and dnsmasq, but it would be nice when I could resolve this...
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.14 (and 384.13_2) are now available

    Couldn't upgrade at first. Using the web interface to check for updates: always got: unable to connect to the update server . (running 384.13 on my ac3200). Figured out that: nvram get apps_wget_timeout gives 3O . Look at the weird '3O'. So I set it to 30 and then the check for updates worked...
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    Wifi stops broadcasting after editing wifi parameters

    Every time when I change any setting of my wlan, all ssid's stop broadcasting. Only solution so far, reboot the device and everything is working again. Any idea's what is causing this issue? I have this with stock rom and any merlin rom version. Any suggestion to restart wlan through cli?