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You have landed on the friendliest and most helpful website for home network users on all the web. Please help keep it that way! :)

Most of the guides and best practice suggestions I have collected on the forums here are based on RMerlin supported, Asus routers, but may be applicable to routers in general too.

These select routers are considered by many the ‘best of class’ in the consumer market today, for good reason.

For security, performance, and customizability, an Asuswrt-Merlin powered network is hard to match.

With all the control it offers for advanced users, beginners can easily benefit too with the same intuitive and straightforward menu style GUI.

Please consider adding some useful information to your signature that will then not need to be repeated for each post.
  • For example,
  • Main router model/firmware.
  • AP or Mesh model/firmware.
  • ISP type (Fibre, Cable, DSL, Satellite, etc.) and paid for or consistent speeds.
Before posting a question, use the Better Search option within the forum, or use your favorite search engine with 'snbforums.com' included.

Be concise, but complete with all necessary info when posting your questions or concerns.

Please do not post the same/related questions in various parts of the forums. Instead, simply link to your original question, if necessary.

A picture, drawing, or other graphic representation of your network/issue that is also properly labeled, makes things easier and faster for members to offer their help and expertise.

Use a service like Pastebin to upload log files to. Use code tags to insert short logs into the forum posts.

Use a screen snip to show your current configuration settings but be careful to redact confidential information such as your Public IP address, DDNS name, SSIDs, passwords, and other sensitive info.

Some helpful information for those just starting down their Asus/RMerlin networking path and applicable to most current consumer routers too.
  • The router’s firmware is the ‘OS’ or operating system of the router.
  • Resetting to factory defaults does not install the firmware you originally bought the router with.
    • Rather, it allows the router to expect and reliably use the defaults of the currently installed firmware.
  • Reliably’ here means that the router will be as fast, stable, and secure as the hardware, firmware, and networking environment allow.
    • Depending on the options, features, scripts, and defaults changed or installed.
  • A new router does not mean a reset to factory defaults is not required.
  • Flashing stock Asus to RMerlin firmware or vice versa, a full reset is suggested.
  • A 30-30-30 reset has no effect on Asus or Asus/RMerlin routers, use the above link instead.
  • If having issues and are using a handheld device to test/set up a router, try with a PC and/or different browser instead.
  • New SSIDs are suggested if changing from one class of router to another.
    • For example, from an AC class router (Wi-Fi 5) to an AX class router (Wi-Fi 6).
    • ‘Forgetting’ the network, restarting the device, and re-associating it is equivalent.
    • For many devices on the network though, a new SSID is far faster.
  • Keep great notes of your router firmware upgrades, network changes, and other similar details. They can help immensely if you need to troubleshoot.
While the Asus Hard Reset above is a straightforward way to reset these routers, beginners may need more detailed steps to get from there to a fully, setup network.

The following link attempts to offer that verbose detail below.

Best Practice Update/Setup Router/AiMesh Node(s) 2021

Please! Be good to each other and help where you can when you can.
Pay forward the good you receive. :)


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RT-AX86U in wired backhaul (2.5GbE) AiMesh mode main router with GT-AX6000 AiMesh node.