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    The rmerlin donation thread.

    Donated $15 today Donated some today, and I'll try to support this by donation periodically. I really like the conservative approach in this firmware that keeps things working.
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    How to have dyndns domain resolved locally?

    Internally resolving now I took a look at the issues raised in the responses, but didn't really change anything. I didn't find an option called NAT loopback in the UI. In the meantime, it started working, or at least it worked once, if it is not stable. Perhaps my browser had the result...
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    How to have dyndns domain resolved locally?

    FibreOP pushed me into replacing the Actiontec router with Asus, and now I'm here! Thanks for the nice and conservative firmware. I like. Previously I had cable ISP and a Linux firewall with NAT, PREROUTING and POSTROUTING. This allowed me to have a domain I use with dyndns work locally...