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    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    I had the same problem. I disabled DHCP on IoT devices and assign IP manually. After that, since few weeks all working perfectly. Before that I tryed almost everything including "nuclear reset" and only fixed IP on IoT devices works for me.
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    I'm giving up with Asus

    I'm also thinking about to give up with Asus. I have 2 x AC86U and AC68U. I tried all possible configuration, "nuclear reset" and still some clients drops WiFi and can't connect again. I thought that one router is broken and replaced it for new one, but it doesn't helped. Maybe I have to many...
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    [384.18_Alpha Builds] Testing all variants

    Newest alfa for Ac86U in logs: <13>1 2020-05-30T19:15:09+02:00 AC86UG-7B53F3A-C wlceventd - - - wlceventd: WLCEVENTD wlceventd_proc_event(466): eth5: Deauth_ind B4:E6:2D:C6:FE:DD, status: 0, reason: Michael failure (e) <13>1 2020-05-30T19:15:09+02:00 AC86UG-7B53F3A-C wlceventd - - - wlceventd...
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    Problems with ESP8266 devices using Merlin (RT-AC68U)

    I have 2 x AC86u (router and AP) Tasmota is the newest version ( but problem is also with espeasy. May 3 15:09:48 wlceventd: WLCEVENTD wlceventd_proc_event(420): eth5: Auth 5C:CF:7F:58:47:C9, status: 0, reason: d11 RC reserved (0) May 3 15:09:48 wlceventd: WLCEVENTD...
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    [Beta] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.16 beta (and 384.13_5) are available

    I have problem with AC86U. After disconnecting some 2,4GHz devices, they couldn't connect again until restart wifi. AC86U in AP mode. Roaming assistant dissabled, fixed channel 6, band width 20MHz. Any idea how to fix it? Mar 21 10:14:56 wlceventd: WLCEVENTD wlceventd_proc_event(401): eth5...
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    Unhappy with AiMesh? - Try traditional AP mode if wired backhaul available

    I've got two AC86U. I was using Aimesh, but on Ac86u node after few days 2,4GHz band stopped working until reboot router. I thought it is problem with hardware. I RMA router but with the new ac86u node I had still problem with not working 2,4 GHz band after 1-2 days (led was on and wasn't...
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    AC86U 384.14_2 - Tasmota Sonoff wifi connection.

    Did you try change channel? For me the best is 6 with tasmota devices and on channel 1 I also had problems. You can also try update you tasmota devices, maybe it would also help.
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    RT-AC86U 2.4GHz problems

    On main router AC86U (which worked without any problems) I restored firmware default and setup again. I didn't setup Aiprotection and any QoS, only basic settings. After that my node (second AC86U) is working since few days without any problems. So maybe the problem with 2.4GHz is no always...
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    RT-AC86U 2.4GHz problems

    I've got two ac86u. First, bought almost two years ago, is working like a charm, the second one bought about month ago is probably with broken 2,4GHz, I'm still testing it ( AiMesh node ) and probably will send it to RMA. SN: K6IM2400xxxx Production Year: 2019
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    How to auto turn off LED after reboot/change setting?

    Is it possible on stock firmware (RT-AC86U)? Maybe some nvram value?
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    Entware-ng & Entware-3x merge!!!

    Is it possible to install it on stock ac86u firmware?
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    [Official Release] AiMesh Firmware v3. for All Supported Products

    There can be a switch between. I use ac86u -> switch -> ac68u and it is working fine.
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    [Official Release] AiMesh Firmware v3. for All Supported Products

    In 384.x if someone use dual wan then Adaptive QoS, AiProtection, statistic are disabled. Will it be possible in the future that both option will working together like in 380.x? I would like to use AiMesh + dual Wan + Adaptive QoS.
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    Differences between 380.X and 382.X

    In 382.x if someone use dual wan then Adaptive QoS, AiProtection, statistic are disabled. Is it permanent or will it be working like in 380.x?
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    [Alpha] Pre-release test builds available (both 380 and 382 branches)

    Will be AiMesh available in Merlin firmware?