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    Can't find AiMesh nodes with new AX86 router

    Does that mean one shouldn't mix Merlin and AIMesh? (I've done so in the past without problems.) Or could one use the stock ASUS firmware to get AiMesh set up and then switch to Merlin? Thank you.
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    Can't find AiMesh nodes with new AX86 router

    I just installed a new RT-AX86S as my main router, replacing an RT-AC86U. I want to use the older router as an AiMesh node. I also have an old RT-AC68U that's been in service as an AiMesh node. All three are running latest rMerlin firmware (386.7_2). I've tried any number of times following...
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    VPN to access router remotely over Starlink -- not working

    VERY helpful! I'll try that, using my home office router as the server. Think I even know how... Thank you!
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    VPN to access router remotely over Starlink -- not working

    I'm not a sophisticated networking type, but I manage an Internet connection for a tiny school on a remote island off Cape Cod. We've got an ASUS RT-AC86U router running latest rMerlin firmware. On our old setup with a microwave link I had OpenVPN working so I could remotely access the router...
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    Any Problems using VPN Server to update firmware remotely?

    I support three remote network routers, all using Merlin firmware. On all three I use VPN from my home office to update the firmware. If anything goes wrong I can get myself to the remote sites and deal with it, likely before anyone local will notice a problem, but in practice it's worked fine...
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    AI-Mesh Ethernet backhaul SLOW

    RESOLVED -- Update: I bought a gift foot SHIELDED Cat-7 cable, ran that alongside the other cables, and plugged it in. For the first time I got 1 gig ethernet to the node. I have no idea what might have been screwing up the un-shielded cables, but I have to assume something is radiating noise.
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    AI-Mesh Ethernet backhaul SLOW

    Thanks, but I've done that, swapped ports around, a couple of times.
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    AI-Mesh Ethernet backhaul SLOW

    I've got a problem with an Ethernet backhaul. I've got an Asus RT-AC86U main router on the 3rd floor, and two RT-AC68 mesh nodes on the other two floors, all running rMerlin 386.1 (latest release). I have Cat-5 ethernet cables, 50' (15 meters) long, from the main router to the two nodes, no...
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    ASUS AC88U or AC86U or which one

    You can also reduce the electrical and lightning problems with ethernet network isolators, including fiber media converters, which can be pretty inexpensive. Avoid wireless if you can.
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    Warranty on RT-AC86U purchased used from ebay

    My experience with an ASUS warranty claim was awful even with all the paperwork. The 2.4 ghz radio was dead on an RT-AC86, it wasn’t subtle or unusual. They dragged the process out over about two months, asking me to run a series of tests to prove the hardware was at fault. Each time a week...
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    Asus RT-AC86U 2.4GHz Works but...

    Can you describe what “problems” means? What goes wrong on the problematic channels?
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    RT-AC68U High temperature problems.

    Less elegant but easier, I bought a little USB fan and I hang it on the back of my router on a string wrapped around the antenna bases, blowing directly on the back of the router. Keeps the temps at least 10 degrees C lower, for under a dollar a year of electricity. Might extend the life of...
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.17 (and 384.13_8) are now available

    Updated from 384.16 without any reconfigurations. No problems. RT-AC86U main router and RT-AC68U AP, plus one RT-AC68U at a remote site. Thank you!
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    Asus warranty question

    I would pay attention to getting a more recent vintage 86U, as they seem to be more reliable. At least the reports of failures have tapered off... Unless the eBay source can be verified to be recent build I'd go to a mainstream outlet. My ASUS RT-AC86U warranty experience a year or so ago...
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    AC86U (Merlin 384.14_2) WebGUI hung

    RT-AC86U running RMerlin 384.14_2 I've seen the problem with GUI lockup, too, though only when I've kept the GUI up on a browser for long periods (to monitor for spurious reboots -- that problem I was having seems to be gone). Glad to know how to reset from my local command line so I don't...