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    Is Wireguard better than OpenVPN?

    For a simple remote connect back home when traveling, access the Router and that mostly, I need something light and fast, will Wireguard perform better than OpenVPN? Thanks NOTE: Using AX88 with the latest 388 FW
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    Pros/cons moving to AiMesh

    Is there a special AiMesh mode called “standby”?
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    New option to Add "Port Status" in the new ASUS Router app for iOS

    Correct, I am using the stock FW, it is just a Beta
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    New option to Add "Port Status" in the new ASUS Router app for iOS

    Yesterday, the iOS ASUS Router app updated with some new features, there were two interesting to me, Notification and Port Status, I found the Notification when a new device connects, but I haven't been able to find the Port Status, that's important (at least to me), because maybe it will allow...
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    AX88U side antenna orientation 45 or 90 degrees?

    I have seen drawings with both side antennas at 90 and at 45 degrees, what should be the correct orientation/ position?
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    Which OpenVPN client use for macOS?

    OpenVPN, Tunnelblick or Viscosity?
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    How to read the temperature without Merlin

    I remember being able to read the temperature without using Merlin, I think it was native to AsusWRT, but I can't find it, I think it was in the Log or Admin section, any help will be appreciated, thanks
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    Beta ASUS RT-AX88U Version (2022/08/02)

    Please keep us posted, very interested in this new FW and its capabilities
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    AX86U VPN Fusion

    Thank you, I will investigate the options shared
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    AX88U thermals

    Does the AX88U experience the same thermals behavior of higher CPU temperature, when devices are connected to the Ethernet ports in the back of the router, like the AX86U? I have seen a difference of 5-8C when no devices are connected vs 4 devices connected, even with only 1 device connected...
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    Beta ASUS RT-AX88U Version (2022/08/02)

    With Asus adopting the 2022 release of the ASUSWRT firmware, is there and updated or beta version of the iOS app, with the features described here: