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    OpenVPN performance of the RT-AC86U

    not even sure the dual core matters when AESNI offloads the VPN crypto. Although I did note the online speedtests vastly over-represent the throughput... speedtest-cli shows more realistic ~150Mbps
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    AC86U sometimes powers completely off during reboot

    0 issues for years. 86u is most solid router I ever owned. ~300Mbps onchip VPN!! If only that pesky Merlin wizard would make IKEV2 easy for us noobs.
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    Setting correct MTU for OpenVPN

    When I adjust MTU in Openvpn client config using mssfix, is it necessary to also specify tun-mtu? I'm using the guide here: Setting correct MTU for OpenVPN The default router MTU (1500)gives me packet loss I am on AC86u but I think this is common across Merlin
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    SOLVED: Saving VPN config with router config

    No, I didn't save the JFFS. I will try that in future. The router is ac86u.
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    SOLVED: Saving VPN config with router config

    When exporting the router configuration then restoring it, the VPN configuration keys and certs are not restored, requiring I manually upload the ovpn file to each VPN slot. Is it possible to save these in the cfg export so the router restores exactly like it was saved?
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    When using DNSoverTLS with VPN, does Cloudflair see ISP or VPN IP?

    When using DNSoverTLS in Merlin router and exclusive VPN, do the dns resolvers (cloudflair, etc) receive the request from the VPNs IP, or from the local router IP? In other words, does DNSoverTLS go inside or outside the VPN?
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    Cant get to router admin page

    @L&LD Reboot fixed. 25 years in tech you think I would know to turn it off an on.
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    Cant get to router admin page

    I have the same issue after setting HTTPS under Merlin admin/system. Unfortunately I've also disabled SSH. Appending :8443 isn't working with a fresh spawned browser. Hoping to avoid a factory reset as I have a lot of unsaved tweaks in the router.
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    DNSPrivacy with strict VPN

    Normally all my traffic including DNS routes through my VPN (exclusive). If I enable DNS over TLS in Merlin, will the DNSPrivacy traffic still travel through the VPN? In other words, will the DNSPrivacy resolvers see my IP or the VPNs?
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    Advice needed - VPN speed slows down, have to turn on off once a day

    You probably are right about the exaggerated 400mbps measurement I saw from from, (I mentioned it in the past) but everything is going through the VPN (strict policy). The actual burst speed is around 175mbps tested from speedtest-cli, through AC86U on router OpenVPN without...
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    Advice needed - VPN speed slows down, have to turn on off once a day

    I'm seeing AESNI handle over 400mbps OpenVPN without the CPU even registering 50% load on a single core. The LZO compression is probably allowing bandwith even beyond the ISPs maximum. LZ4 would even be better but my VPN hasn't implemented it.
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    Can the update interval on Merlin's VPN - Status be increased?

    status status 1 Worked a charm. Thanks!
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    Can the update interval on Merlin's VPN - Status be increased?

    The VPN-Statust tab allows monitoring of every VPN instance. It works quite well however only updates once every several seconds. Is it possible to increase the update interval to several times per second for real-time monitoring?
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    Advice needed - VPN speed slows down, have to turn on off once a day

    I don't think LAN throughput was my bottleneck. Certain low traffic IOT devices where somehow dragging down the entire VPN tunnels speed to where browsers where getting less than 10mbps. By isolating my browsers to a dedicated VPN slot I am seeing more like close to my ISP bandwidth 100mbps...