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    Want to change my Sky Q router

    H Hi Thanks for taking the time to reply. My sons are saying the ASUS Routers too. Up to £300 is the budget, it’s to cover a 3 bed semi detached property. I just need to know which models of ASUS would be best and then how to get this merlin firmware on it and where do I get the download...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi I am a mum of two teenage boys and trying to get my head around a better router than the sky q hub any help or advice greatfully received
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    Want to change my Sky Q router

    Hi everyone I am new here and to upgrading routers. Please be gentle. I want to upgrade my Sky Q router for something better. My 15 year old son is a gamer both Xbox X and PC. My eldest son uses Steam a lot and his computer. We have a Sky Q main tv box and 3 multi room boxes I want...