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    WAN capped at 100mb help please! asus 87u

    Im using Cat 8 cable I got working. Could had been one of things I rebooted my router from the admin section panel of my router and I have a XB7 xfinity modem/router that I sbridged. I did have the ethernet in port #1on my XB7 modem but during my router reboot I moved it to port #3. All 4...
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    WAN capped at 100mb help please! asus 87u

    Just want to say that my Asus router 88u is doing the same exact thin. I’m currently reading over solutions and this thread
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    Would like to split smart home devices on a separate network

    I just thought about something. What about wired devices, can those be force to the separate subnet?
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    CakeQOS CakeQOS-Merlin

    can anybody explain in basic words what cake is?
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    Would like to split smart home devices on a separate network

    Hey everyone. So basicaly want I would like to do is sperate my smart devices from ym regular internet wifi. I notice that I could use guest networks but kind of confused by it, I didn't think that if I put all my devices on the guest network and tried to controll them using my phone app on the...
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    Guest Network on 386 builds doesn't play nice with Chromecast, and a potential workaround

    I was just looking at those guest networks 1/2/3. What is the difference between the 3?
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    Which DNS encryption script do I use?

    yeah I'll probably stick with this for a week or two until I get bored with it then try dnscrypt :)
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    new to dns over tls

    Awesome write up and explanation. Appreciate it
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    Which DNS encryption script do I use?

    AC88U router here with Merlin I have entware/AMTM and Diversion all set up. So which script do I use for encrypting dns? I here about dnscrypt proxy/dnscrypt abd stubby I'm reading different things and its confusing as to which one to use.
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    Any devices with 4.x kernels?

    I see. I have pi sense as my firewall as well
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    Goodbye WRT1900ac - comments below

    I don't use the linksys guide I use ddwrt so I can't speak on those features. But I'm getting good performance with ddwrt 2.4ghz I'm getting 217mb output and 5gz I'm getting a astounding full output 1.3 Gigs! Now this all shows through my Mac Network utility. Which program did you use to...
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    Goodbye WRT1900ac - comments below

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    Few Questions.....just bought a WRT1900AC V1

    It's a V1 and I'm loving this router with ddwrt.