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  1. matthew johnson

    Restart IPv6 command line

    I have a RT-AX89X router. Sometimes it stops handing out ipv6 addresses to clients. I have no idea why it does it. It happens thru all firmware versions. I was wondering is there a way to restart ipv6 thru putty without restart the router? Also does anyone else have this issue. If I remember...
  2. matthew johnson

    Beta Beta 3004.386 AiMesh 2.0 for RT-AX89X and ZenWiFi CT8

    Where did this firmware come from RT-AX89U_9.0.0.4_386_43381-ga0042bf_always_enable_sfp+.trx
  3. matthew johnson

    Disable STP in stock

    Does this even matter today in certain routers?
  4. matthew johnson


    How where you able to obtain the new beta?
  5. matthew johnson


    Let me start by saying personally this is the best router I have ever owned. I use the Sfp+ port with a transceivers connected to an arris s33. At any given time there is upwards of 30 connections going at once. Here is a little list of devices 4 xboxs, 2 gaming computers and one which streams...
  6. matthew johnson

    Beta ASUSWRT Official beta 386-RC1 for RT-AX89X

    I would like to know as well.
  7. matthew johnson

    Beta ASUSWRT Official beta 386-RC1 for RT-AX89X

    I just checked my local microcenter in Parkville Md and they have A2 version. I wish ASUS and other company's would tell the difference between hardware versions.
  8. matthew johnson


    I use this kind in the link below and it works great for me. Also most sfp+ ports an transceivers run hot. Normally doesn't effect performance. But as an added precaution. I bought a small usb fan and placed it over top where the sfp+ port is...
  9. matthew johnson

    Beta ASUSWRT Official beta 386-RC1 for RT-AX89X

    Do you live in America? Curious if the b1 is other regions. Asus just released an official firmware on the 4th. RT-AX89X||ASUS USA
  10. matthew johnson


    Is the version number on the box or the router itself?
  11. matthew johnson

    Better to use same branded routers or No?

    I have a RT-AX89X with a Rax200 connected to it for better coverage throughout my house. I have noticed recently that everything that connects to my RT-AX89X will have open nat. But anything that connects to the Rax200 will have moderate Nat. I was wondering if its better to have two ASUS...
  12. matthew johnson

    Disable FTP_alg script.

    Did you make a script that you run?
  13. matthew johnson

    Beta ASUSWRT Official beta 386-RC1 for RT-AX89X

    Is there anywhere to sign up to be a beta tester?
  14. matthew johnson

    Beta ASUSWRT Official beta 386-RC1 for RT-AX89X

    Where do you find beta firmwares?
  15. matthew johnson

    SFP+ vs RJ45

    I have a 10 gtek and a mikrotik 10gb transceiver. From a switch that I'm trying to set up at my work. Was just wondering if its better to use them then the rj45 port. I have comcast gigabit plan with the new moto mb8611 for my isp. I live in baltimore city and fios isn't available yet.