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    RT-AX88U as reliable as RT-AC68U?

    I had issues with earlier firmwares, lost internet connection. Does not happen anymore. I had rt-ac68u before. This one has better wifi range and better speed. So I think it's for sure better. Works as it should.
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    A Couple Questions on The Asuswrt-Merlin RT-AX58U Firmware

    Can I continue here? I have a question also, noticed that with Lyra connected with aimesh its not possible to disable leds on Lyras. This is with latest merlin release, not sure if it even works with latest asus firmware. With the old rt-ac68u it worked fine, I could disable leds from the gui...
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    ASUS AiMesh Reviewed

    I could see some changes in the channels if I choose different bandwidth. But still all on the higher channels. I think here(Sweden and also in Finland) DFS channels are from 50 to 140, that are allowed to use but needs the dfs function. The normal 5ghz channels are 36 to 48. please test, I...
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    ASUS AiMesh Reviewed

    Thanks, sound like it might be that. Strange but that would explain it at least.
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    ASUS AiMesh Reviewed

    Well, yes... I know. As I mentioned no problem if I don't have a AIMesh node. I can see in the list all possible 5Ghz channels that can be used in my Country. And also I can see that automatically it uses sometime those lower channels. The problem is that I can't choose those manually while...
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    ASUS AiMesh Reviewed

    No one, any ideas? Is this how it supposed to work? I haven't found really any information about this... And another one, if you have mainrouter with AX and then meshnodes that does not support it. Is it still possible to run AX on the main and the mesh nodes run what they can?
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    avahi errors?

    I see same stuff on my RT-AX88U. Seen it for a while on different SWs. They usually stop showing after a while.
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    ASUS AiMesh Reviewed

    I wonder why for example RT-AC68U(seen on RT-AX88U also) when adding a aimesh node I can only choose manually 5Ghz channels 100-140? Why not the lower ones? Without connecting any aimesh node then it's possible to choose. Automatically I can see it sometimes chooses channel 36 or so. But on the...
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    RT-AX88U Hardware Revision A1 vs A1.1

    I just activated cpu wait, my cpu temp on rt-ax88u was 81C and now it dropped down to 72C when activating cpu wait. Big difference. Lets see if it causes some stability issues.
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.16 (and 384.13_6) are now available

    Have you guys noticed issues with RT-AX88U, suddenly you got no internet access and can't even access asus webgui. Only fix is power off/on then it works again. I can see that the internet light on the router is red also. When checking logs there is not really anything. Like it would just freeze...
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    Problems with ESP8266 devices using Merlin (RT-AC68U)

    Hmm could it be this... Sleep 0 I kind of already forgot, so long time ago :)
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    Problems with ESP8266 devices using Merlin (RT-AC68U)

    For me fixed that I disabled powersaving on the devices, wifi powersave to off. I haven't had any issues since.
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    Problems with ESP8266 devices using Merlin (RT-AC68U)

    What helped me in this issue was found in some other forum, can't remember what. But with disabling this, seems to get tasmota devices to connect really fast and without issues. So far at least... Could take sometimes an hour or 10 minutes before they could attach, and I got a lot of those...
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    RT-AX88U Router + ZenWifi XT8 Nodes?

    In Sweden you can buy it... On many places. For example Edit: seems ct8 you can buy, xt8 is pre-order.
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    [384.14_Alpha - builds] Testing all variants.

    Now my RT-AX88U and RT-AC68U is running on alpha 2. Must say seems really promising so far. No issues yet what I have noticed and much less "overflowing" logs etc. I haven't yet tried it out so much, it's a bit early to say how much better or worse it is but in a about 24h it has been running...