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    Zen WiFi XT8, nothing but frustration.

    Hi I had a similar issue after a firmware upgrade, which included a clean reset and repair as part of the process. The 2nd Node would connect but was always weak in signal and flash blue, what I noticed was that it occured if I left the wireless settings page on 5ghz-2 (i.e. leave the drop...
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    XT8 FW breaks Sonos

    Hi, I posted the same issue on this thread XT8 Potential Issue | SmallNetBuilder Forums ( As there are now a number of people working from home and also schooling in my household, I need changes to be quick and fast with minimum risk of extended downtime to...
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    XT8 Potential Issue

    Ok and I confirm the Xbox Multiplayer issues are also related to this new firmware. I've just moved back to 25790 and all the issues above are now resolved If you have Sonos or 2 Xbox Ones in your home I'd steer clear of the latest update
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    XT8 Potential Issue

    It looks like this is an issue being observed over at the Sonos forums as well ZenWifi XT8 (1-19-21) Firmware Update Causes Sonos System to Stop Working | Sonos Community
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    XT8 Potential Issue

    Hi, I installed the new firmware version over the weekend coming from 25790 and I now have some intermittent issues with my Sonos system. I have a number of devices in the home, but I noticed that over the weekend my Sonos Beam with 2 Surrounds stopped responding to volume control using my...