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    Upgrade from RT-AX92U (2-pack)

    Im running 2 AX86Ucs withput a problem. Main router running latest stable Merlin firmware, node running latest official firmware. If i would have the need to actually switch i would try the TP-Link Omada stuff with AX AP's, for me it aint worth the investment though as i would look into over 1K...
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    [ 386.4 alpha Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

    I cant remember wich firmware i had installed but had the same problem on a AX68U, i could not get WPS reset working. Also had some problems with it being a mesh node connected with wire to a AX86U, eventually returned it and went for a second AX86, since no more problems for me. So my personal...
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    Synology firewall only for inbound traffic?

    Thx, although its just for testing and playing. If all seems fitted and the misses likes it i will use this unit as external back at my inlaws and buy a DS720+ for in house. Then i have docker support too, combined with a RAM update i should be able to run pihole/unbound docker images and...
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    Synology firewall only for inbound traffic?

    So recently i got a old model (for free, its a 115J) to play with and see if a synology would fit my needs. In the webinterface there is a firewalling setting, i have tried to play with it a little bit and have the assumption the firewalling section is only for inbound traffic, not for outbound...
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    Wha-ever is this?

    This must be a troll thread, gave me a few laughs the way his posts are written so mission accomplished i assume.
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    AX58U Meshnode lossing config

    Small and last update unless i will experience a problem again. Been running the 2x AX86U's for 9 days now and havent seen the problem of loosing the node. Main unit that functions as router running Merlin firmware and the node is running latest stock image.
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    Diversion Diversion installed fresh, not blocking any ads?

    My bad then, i always delete those entrys and Diverison always worked for me. Checked my Chrome and i have private DNS still turned on. Not sure why his results behave differently
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    Diversion Diversion installed fresh, not blocking any ads?

    Delete the entrys, that should fix it. You are now still sending besides the router IP as DNS server Also have a look where you still see the adds, Diversion has some domains whitelisted so this site for example stil show adds.
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    Unbound unbound_manager (Manager/Installer utility for unbound - Recursive DNS Server) - General questions / discussion thread 2

    Not sure if i understand this unbound correctly but i just broke my internet with playing and this tool. Luckily i can easy set it up again so no biggie there. As for the problem, from my understanding i can have the Unbound addblocker active. With winscp i edited the file for blacklist URL's...
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    Merlin firmware missing AiMesh node option

    I somehow missed this. Node itself is using wired backhaul, so that cant be a reason of disconnecting. As for the problems, i have the second AX86U in place for a few days now running latest stock image on the node. Main router still on Merlin firmware and so far everything has been good. No...
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    AX58U Meshnode lossing config

    So i have 2 AX86U's now for a few days. Main router with MErlin firmware, node with latest stock image, so far no problems. Hope it will stay this way and my AiMesh troubles are resolved.
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    Prevent rfc1918 traffic to escape wan interface

    ISP's do not accept traffic from RFC1918. So even if you somehow are able to sent RFC1918 traffic towards your ISP it just drops there
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    Diversion Large Diversion Filter List

    I sue this list and works without problems for my main router. Ends up at domains blocked. No problems with my router.
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    AX58U Meshnode lossing config

    Update for this thread. I returned the AX58U and got myself a AX68U, this is giving different problems. Still kept the config for wireless but no client can connect to it anymore the next morning. Just ordered a AX86U and going to return the AX68U. Hopefully having 2 of the same will resolve my...
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    Merlin firmware missing AiMesh node option

    New morning and still problem with the node (AX68U). None of my clients can connect to the node (AX68U). Im at a loss here why my AiMEsh wont work stable, have tried the AX58U as node, problems every x days it couldnt load WiFi config and now with the AX68U that its sending signal but clients...