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    Voxel Need Voxel Firmware Help

    Hello and welcome. I switched to Voxel on my first r7800 nearly two years ago and have never looked back. I now use it exclusively on my two r7800. When I started using Voxel I had a 200 mbps connection like you and Voxel has never disappointed (even with far more devices than you have). I...
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    How to use QoS with changing bandwith?

    FWIW: On my R7800 with Voxel's firmware I found shutting off QoS and simply not using it as best setup. This with multiple streamers, and game players, all using wireless & internet at the same time. YMMV
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    Voxel Custom firmware build for R7800 v.

    Downloaded fine. Both R7800 APs updated, no issues here. As always, thank you Voxel.
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    Voxel Custom firmware build for R7800 v.

    Both R7800 updated with no issues. Thanks again for the great work!
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    My R7800 couldn't cope :(

    Perhaps your setup would benefit from a laptop cooler placed under the R7800 to keep it cool. When I did so for mine years ago the internal temperatures dropped 10 degrees or more. I've never had a heat issue since. Although not quite the same as your project - my R7800 regularly supports at...
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    Voxel R7800 looses internet after reboot, requires power cycle of cable modem

    I think you might benefit from this thread because it seems like you are having the same problem I and others have experienced. TL,DR: the Arris modem/voxel firmware is the issue. if you try Voxel version .62SF you will not have the problem. The problem has gone away for me because I have...
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    Aegis Aegis 1.7.x

    This happened to me a few weeks ago with - whitelisting the ip address worked and I haven't looked back.
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    Discussion on improving the firewall

    I love the idea of this. Perhaps as an extension of aegis, default off but enabled with an option. The 'flaw' as you call it seems small in comparison to the benefit of the rest. Even just to build a local aegis blocklist of IPs seems enough of a benefit.
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    Aegis Aegis 1.7.x

    Clean upgrade via GUI - thanks again @HELLO_wORLD !
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    Aegis Aegis 1.7.x

    I have always had the same problem as @n1llam1, but thought it was related to my frequent firmware reinstalls. I did not find the re-install of aegis too difficult to do but I am glad this is now fixed. My script is also corrected now. Thank you @HELLO_wORLD.
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    Voxel Custom firmware build for R7800 v.

    Installed and up and running on my R7800 AP. Main Router R7800 will have to wait until the weekend. Thanks @Voxel!
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    Kamoj Kamoj Add-on Beta testing

    I it's best ignored, especially if you have streamboost disabled. There are *many* processes buried in the firmware which ensure that cronjob always exists. You cannot edit that or delete it, it will magically re-appear forever. With streamboost dead you can rest easy, you have no need to worry.
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    Aegis Aegis 1.7.x

    Based upon this I tried the web companion upgrade route to 1.7.3 and it completed correctly. Running 1.7.3. Thanks Again.
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    Aegis Aegis 1.7.x

    just did command line upgrade, performing all three steps each time. first time went from 1.6.10 to 1.7.0 - all ok but the final version reported was 1.7.1 next from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 all ok web companion should say 1.7.3 available? but does not. re-run of aegis upgrade -repo=stable asks if I...