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    Unbound Making Unbound into a DoT/DoH (rather than plain dns) for clients

    Have you looked into the unbound_manager advanced ( Then click on #3 for Advanced tools) There you can find some advanced items(DoT) You can use this tool to see in real time
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    Suricata Any else still using on device?

    Abit of an overkill but I do have a RPI 4 8gb laying here, just need to grab myself a switch
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.8 is now available for specific models

    you just use Unbound? unless signature is not up to date ?
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    Suricata Any else still using on device?

    Still using this add-on on my 88U, seems to be working, How many others are using this?
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    [Alpha]386.8 Build

    I see my Guest wifi-(2.4Ghz) rebooted after 22hrs into flashing this alpha, 5Ghz channel is still going strong
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    [Alpha]386.8 Build

    Just flashed here, its only been about 25 mins, but everything seems to be running smooth, all connected
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.7 is now available for all models

    Did the dirty upgrade, No issues here, All wireless devices seem to be connected
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    AdGuardHome Block type 65

    Just wondering if anyone has come across while running Adguard, a way to stop those apple devices running IOS 14 and after. Anyway to block from bypassing.. Thanks
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    Why DNS over TLS is so important, and if you are not using it you should be

    Has anyone tired dns over QUIC? Any benefits ?
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    Unbound Configuration tweaks

    Here is what I changed mine to Post in thread 'unbound_manager (Manager/Installer utility for unbound - Recursive DNS Server) - General questions / discussion thread 2'...
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    Why DNS over TLS is so important, and if you are not using it you should be

    Would it be better to use DoT or Unbound??
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    Ax88U cpu loads

    I would just get yourself a RPI( with a USB HD attached)and install Dietpi and the software Deluge, just a couple of clicks and deluge is setup
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    How to setup Pi-hole to work with Merlin?

    Why not just run Unbound on your raspberry pi along with Pihole?
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    VPN for Utorrent ONLY ?

    Could always grab yourself a raspberry pi and a USB 1TB external portable hard drive, and install a torrent application, and you'll be on your way, then you can grab the rpi IP and traffic it through the VPN
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    Any Way To Run Pi-hole On Merlin

    ops, read that wrong. deleted