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    [HELP] could not ping wifi device

    Hi all, I have some strange situation. I don't know how to investigate it. So i hope for your help. I have: (R)outer AC88U with FW 384.19. Raspberry (P)i 3. (S)erver with mqtt broker Another (C)omputers So my problem: My computers sometimes could not ping Pi. (I have several Pi 1...
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    [RT-AC88U] FW 384.3 port 80

    Hello, I have disabled UI on http (80 port). And on 382.1_2 I had nginx server on router. But after upgrade to 384.3 I get nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (98: Address already in use) I do not see anything at [https://IP:80] After I kill process by fuser -k 80/tcp I can use nginx...
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    Webui issue with Safari running on Mac

    Yes, it was my first impression. But than I notice some lags at logout, and after logout from ui. But before 11 version safari does not work with https and get 100% CPU. Now it is lags on some UI elements, but 90% time it works good.
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    Webui issue with Safari running on Mac

    Safari 11 and iOS 11 works great!
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    Webui issue with Safari running on Mac

    Same to me. iOS 10.3.x OS X (Safari 10.1.2) PS I have certificate from lets encrypt. This does not help.
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    RT-AC88U SNMP Temperature

    Hello, Sorry for noobs question but Is it possible to get temperature data (CPU and Wifi) by SNMP on AC88U ? I searched forum by with no luck. I only find that Merlin close standard ASUS MiB because of low security. snmpwalk did now help me too. Hope for your help!