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  1. oggy

    Release Asus XT8 - - 2021/06/17

    I previously used this firmware version 43181 and I'm currently using 42095, I have 4 nodes of Asus XT8 and whenever I add a node of an older or new aimesh devices, they don't connect at all, or there is a delay with connecting.
  2. oggy

    ASUS AX11000 2.4Ghz not working

    I have already done the adding nodes one at a time, my problem is that when I reboot the main router, the aimesh nodes takes 1 hour to boot up. I tried different Aimesh nodes than asus and they were booting fast, this is my first experience with Asus aimesh and its taking so long to work. As...
  3. oggy

    ASUS AX11000 2.4Ghz not working

    Hello, I have two problems with my main router AX11000 1) 2.4Ghz network is not working at all, the SSID shows up on the connection list but we cannot connect to it, it keeps loading. I noticed that after I do a full reboot, the network works for few minutes then it stops responding, keeps...
  4. oggy

    ASUS GT-AX11000 and 2.4ghz wifi problem

    I solved my issue by upgrading my router GT-AX11000 to version and upgraded all the XT8 AiMesh nodes to version
  5. oggy

    ASUS GT-AX11000 and 2.4ghz wifi problem

    I have a similar problem to this, the range is too short and the speed is low. After I enable Smart Connection, everything works OK except the range is BAD, too short. Any solutions for this?
  6. oggy

    RT-AC5300 Intense lag spike

    I reverted back to this version and everything is stable so far. My game is running fine. I lost the VPN feature, however, as long as my game is running without any lag spikes, i'm good. Thank you.
  7. oggy

    RT-AC5300 Intense lag spike

    I am using 386.2_2 and I've been having lag spikes too, I never thought it could be from the firmware itself, I believe you got a point. I hope Merlin checks this out.
  8. oggy

    Arris Mesh Wi-Fi System

    Hello, I have used this device: Arris SURFboard mAX™ Mesh Wi-Fi System. And it is the only device that really worked for me in such a long range and mind you nothing ever really was able to cross my house walls so I couldn't get it work anywhere else but this device is best so far, it has given...
  9. oggy

    And So It Begins... Asus Announces First 802.11ax Router

    If the limited edition is nearly 450$ - will the normal stock be higher than that or it doesnt matter?
  10. oggy

    ASUS Expands 11ax Lineup And Sets Ship Date

    Something is confusing me regarding the ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 - there is a 2.5G gaming port and I see that it says it is the world's first 10 gigabit router, is there a port for the 10 gigabit? Is the 2.5G gaming port has the same speed of 10 gb?
  11. oggy

    So creates some issues right?

    I believe firmware 32799 is good for this router RT-AC68U but for RT-AC86U none of these firmware versions worked good.. 32799 and 21140, the last one works but it takes 3 to 4 hours then it goes offline and never works again. But for 32799 it immediately goes offline.
  12. oggy

    ASUS RT-AC86U firmware release

    I'm having a problem with my RT-AC86U it always show Offline in the AiMesh nodes list and I only have a wall between the nodes. Any idea what is going on ?
  13. oggy

    WPS AiMesh

    I sent a message first time with all options ticked but I tried to send again with only WiFi and System Log, it wont let me send, I keep clicking on the send button but nothing happens.
  14. oggy

    WPS AiMesh

    I'm having the same issue as yours I believe. I have set up 4 routers including my main. I have them all on AiMesh but the WiFi doesn't work on 2.4 GHz, it keeps connecting to 5.0 GHz.
  15. oggy

    AB-Solution - The Ad Blocking Solution

    I did update after that and everything seems to be working fine. Thank u so much.