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    DSM 7 Final Released

    Any feedback from anyone who updated to DSM 7?
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    Both seem wrong, without knowing the configuration data. the first has 2.5Gb and WAN connected to the primary router, which seems to be a problem unless the second unit is an access point with a Dual Wan configuration. If the second unit is an access point with Dual wan, this is the best setup...
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    Slower than expected WiFi speed on Asus AX11000

    If you are using a browser, you might want to try another browser. I was seeing slow speeds using with Chrome on an iPAD, I switched to safari and got very close to my rated internet connection speed.
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    Aimesh configuration

    I have not tried this as I use 10G ports for my NAS This may work, but worth a try, you should also be able to use the SFP+ port with an SFP+ to RJ45 converter to connect to your WAN. As noted in the picture below Select the WAN options in the vertical Options on the left select the Dual WAN...
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    Asus ZenWifi XT8 weak connection between two nodes in the same room

    I saw a thread posted by @L&LD, about choosing between an older and a newer router, that made me stop and think about why some of these weird things might be happening in your Zenwifi XT8 network, and my own RT-AX89/GT AC5300 network. Each node has upstream and downstream data, driven by the...
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    Asus ZenWifi XT8 weak connection between two nodes in the same room

    I had a similar problem with two XT8’s and a GT-AC5300. I found that the primary XT8 stopped responding forcing the second XT8 to connect to the GT-AC5300 I also found that during the XT8 node configuration that it only connected at 2.4GHz, I also found the GT-AC5300 also connected to the...
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    RT-AX89X Reset?

    Yup I am trying to enable the best intranet that allows fast connections for local backups and scanning documents. I am using stock ASUS firmware On both units, I might consider Merlin firmware when the RT AX89X is supported. there is an option in the ”WAN” Section, “DUAL WAN“ that appears to...
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    RT-AX89X Reset?

    That is correct
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    RT-AX89X Reset?

    My unit arrived August 10th 2020, after waiting 6 weeks for delivery. I had planned to get a replacement for defective Zenwifi units for mesh nodes but just saved myself $400 bucks by using my GT-AC5300 as the mesh node since I did not have time to fix wired back haul for the two Zenwifi units...
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    RT-AX89X Reset?

    I have an RT-AX89X having given up on Zenwfi AX6000 units I have had problems with iPads and iPhone connectivity with IOT devices on apple home/google home apps. Spectrum is my internet provider. Since I changed the WAN DNS and DHCP DNS servers to, my system (RT AX89X with GT-AC5300 Mesh...
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    RT AX89X DNS Issue with Firmware

    Looks as though there is a DNS setting in the LAN DHCP configuration page that I missed Not sure why there would be a DNS setting in the WAN page and on the DHCP page, anyone have any thoughts?
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    RT AX89X DNS Issue with Firmware

    I have been having spurious network disconnects with iPad, iPhone, Mac Book Pro, Nest Devices and Wemo IOT devices. I have an RT AX89X with firmware and a GT AC5300 AI Mesh node with firmware connected by Ethernet backhaul. Given the problems got worse...
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    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    I had an XT8 that did that, it turns out that the router had crashed, in the event that the router rebooted and the XT8 mesh node did not always reconnect to the primary XT8 router. This happened multiple times, and at times the primary router just hung, which required a hard reboot of both XT8...
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    RT-AX89X observations

    there was a comment in another thread about the fan speed settings, setting to high alleviated the problem, my unit seems to have the fan at full speed on Auto regardless of the temperature I guess I am not sensitive to the fan noise, so this high speed setting is not a problem for me
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    Is There Any Known Compatibility Issues with SFP+ on RT-AX89X?

    I am using a 10Gtek "10GBase-T SFP+ Transceiver" connected to a Netgear GS110MX 10G port with no problems. I also connected the SFP+ port directly to my Synology NAS with a 10Gb PCI card, again with no problems. I also tried connecting to a 1Gb switch which worked, but shows a 10Gb link in the...