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    dnsomatic and ssl

    Merci Eric! Yes I understand the effort required to maintain DDNS outside the ASUS realm would be unsustainable. I'll look at using a custom script, or carry on paying for a static IP with my ISP. Just can't justify the risk on using http as sending non-encrypted credentials is looking for...
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    dnsomatic and ssl

    I figured I could use the custom script, it's just since the service is in the list it would make sense it would use ssl out of the box. Else it's a serious security issue.
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    dnsomatic and ssl

    I've searched here and reviewed the changelog file and can't seem to locate this information. When ever my router updates my IP on dnsomatic the log entry below seems to indicate the connection was over port 80, is this just a typo or are the connections not encrypted? connected to...
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    $500 or so small business firewall/VPN recomendations?

    I would have a look the Watchguard XTM 33, good SSL VPN with many other features. They offer discount when you switch from another device so you could get a very good deal on this. I run a couple of those between 2 locations with a dedicated VPN tunnel between as well as 5 to 10 SSL VPN at one...
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    Binding dnsmasq dhcp to single bridge or interface

    I'm at lost here, been trying to get this to work for weeks without success. I've implemented this on many dd-wrt boxes without any issues. I already run a dhcp server internally so I have no need to use the RT-N66U built in dhcp for anything but the guest network which is isolated from the...