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    Release Zenwifi XT8 Firmware

    I have the samme issue with this FW, I have a two pack of XT8, a two pack of XD4 and a single RT-AC68U in my normal mesh setup. Master XT8 (Router) together with one mesh node seems to be ok but as soon as I add one extra node hell break lose and I have a lot of disconnecting of mesh and reboots...
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    XT8 5GHZ-2 WPA pre-shared key

    Quite sure this is unique. Mine starts with this: 80CE476............
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    XT8 5GHZ-2 WPA pre-shared key

    My XT8 has a "long as your arm" hidden SSID and key for the 5GHz-2 because I use this wireless network as a backhaul network. This is preset by default in my dual XT8 kit. If I change it and make a complete reset, it goes back to the preset name and key.
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    Problem with XT8 - dropping connection every 45 seconds (ish)

    Hi. I've had a lot of issues with the latest firmware for the XT8, disconnections, rebootings, dual and triple DHCP servers on a single XT8 unit - have normally 4 in a mesh. No help from Asus Support, had to roll back to firmware as well to get a stable network.