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    How Much Total Throughput Can Your Wi-Fi Router Really Provide?

    Smart connect has changed over the years in terms of how some routers behave. For example, Compare the R7000 to the R7800 to the RAX80. And for extenders/ APs, compare the Netgear EX7000 and the EX8000. The EX7000 will cause issues with some devices, such as the ecobee thermostats and many...
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    Best way to improve my setup please.

    If using powerline adapters, be sure to use outlets connected to breakers on the same side of the electric panel, those will have the best SNR. Also many powerline adapters do bad on short runs, e.g., within around 10 ft on the same circuit.
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    ASUS GT-AXE11000 5 vs. 6 GHz ... a preview

    For 6GHz WiFi the router effectively just picks the closest 160MHz chunk of spectrum to the channel you picked where the one in the list will be the primary channel, and probably 7 others will be selected along side it depending on which channel width you selected. I guess the only major issue...
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    No 5G wireless network

    If possible do a factory reset and avoid using the nighthawk app to do the setup if you ended up using it by chance to do the setup.
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    Voxel r7800 ReadyShare pauses

    While I have not experienced this issue with my R7800, I have experienced a similar issue with my Netgear RAX50. Basically every 50 or so minutes, the readyshare will stop sending or receiving data for a few seconds, which interrupts any stream as well as causes any file transfer to or from the...
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    Channel 1,6 and 11 Myth or Truth?

    For most modern WiFi routers the auto channel selection for the 2.4GHz band will do well. If your WiFi router or AP offers a debug option, you will be able to collect detailed log files that will show you how often it is scanning for a clear channel. As for channel reuse, depending on the...
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    Varying Connection Speeds Between Laptops

    From the speeds you are getting with the dell laptop, it would seem like it is connecting to the 2.4GHz band. (assuming you are testing close to the router) So far, I can't find any info on which WiFi adapter model it is using (you would have to go into task manager > performance tab> and then...
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    R7800 Still a good router?

    The RAX50 performs well for networking, but the firmware behaves as if it was not designed properly for a triple core SOC. Virtually all of the work is handles by 2 of the cores, with only a few small processes running on the 3rd core, thus you can end up with issues such as the VPN server...
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    Has anyone done thermal testing on the RTL8125 2.5GbE controller?

    I will have to test some different heatsink sizes to see what I can fit onto the chip without interfering with other passives close to it.
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    Has anyone done thermal testing on the RTL8125 2.5GbE controller?

    Controller in question: Around a week ago, I purchased some 2.5GbE adapters since a generic Rosewill one was a little under $18 each. (price went up...
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    R7800 Still a good router?

    While it is best overall in terms of performance (especially IOPS), to have a separate NAS, having USB storage on the router provides an energy efficient way of having bulk storage for feeding devices such as smart TVs and other media streaming devices while using a tiny fraction of the power of...
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    R7800 Still a good router?

    In terms of uptime the R7800 using the Voxel firmware has been extremely stable, but for other functions such as VPN and USB storage, the RAX50 does pretty well for the money, though the firmware is still a bit buggy when it comes to the USB storage. Basically if doing extended reads or writes...
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    Is the only new function of the Intel AX210 compared to the AX200, the addition of Bluetooth 5.2?

    While looking at their new WiFi adapter, i noticed that not much has changed.,189347 While...
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    Does OFDMA Really Work? Part 2

    It seems like in general all of the newer standards produced lower latency than the R7800, though the RAX15 ended up producing significantly worse results when OFDMA was enabled. While it is nearly impossible too scientifically test, I wonder if OFDMA will have any improvements in normally...
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    News CommScope Adds Five Wi-Fi 6 APs To Its Ruckus Line-Up

    Good to see more 802.11ax APs being made, though it seems like it will be really difficult for them to sell any of these devices, as they either made a typo with the pricing, or are using a different currency because for units like the T750 is seems like they are trying to charge around $3400...