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    RP-AC55 Weak Connection with RT-AX88U

    I solved the issue. I didn't need to reset my devices. I rebooted both devices again (even though I did it the first time when I was trying to remove and search for RP-AC55 to re-join my wifi-network). The connection is great now. I would also like to point out that RP-AC55 is AiMesh...
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    RP-AC55 Weak Connection with RT-AX88U

    Hi, Can anyone advise what I should do? My RP-AC55 (AiMesh) has been doing fine in the last couple of years, but recently I noticed that the connection to my RT-AX88U is very weak. It was good before. Is there anything I can do to improve this? The device is neither too far nor too near...
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    RT-AX88U - IOS devices fails iCloud backup

    For months, I have been trying to figure out why I couldn't perform iOS Update and iCloud Backup. It kept saying I needed to have WIFI but my devices are connected to my RT-AX88U. Checked with Apple who told me to reset my iPhone, which I refused to. Checked with Asus who told me to perform a...