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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 Beta is now available

    I'm currently facing latency instability on 386-2 Beta version of AX58U. (I'm using NexDNS CLI and Cake QOS) (Fiber - 300/150 speed) Latency is very unstable and I'm not able to get "A+" score with 200/140 (down/up) speeds configurated on Cake QOS. The issue is not seem on 386-2 Alpha1 (It is...
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    NextDNS Installer

    Thanks Olivier Poitrey. :) I usually access my NextDNS dashboard to make sure it is working. "This device is using NextDNS." Is there any way to check on router logs if it is working properly ?
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    NextDNS Installer

    Hello guys, I just installed NextDNS on my AC68U router without problems. :) I have a question, considering NextsDNS up and running on my router, all DNS query will be over HTTPS or TLS? Thanks