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    Apple TV Only MLB App Use VPN

    This may help with selective routing:
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    Solved Unbound stats went a little crazy after update.

    I have the same set up and similar issue. The tab is there but is blank unless I uninstall graphical GUI and reinstall. But goes blank again after I log out and back in.
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    OpenVPN Client issue on RT-AC86U w/ 386.1

    Thanks! I did think about that, I checked the load and it was less than 30%. And at the same time I can repeatedly connect to it through my computer without any problems and get excellent speeds. I'm trying to make this one work because it is the closest server to me and gives great speed...
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    OpenVPN Client issue on RT-AC86U w/ 386.1

    I have an openVPN client config file from my vpn provider which after uploading into the router and turning on just gets stuck on "connecting" but never connects. Below is what the log returns. I've been able to use this file on openVPN through my computer(ubuntu) so I don't think there is...
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    Is my AC86U toast?

    My (2020 Vietnam) AC86U did that and nothing I tried could get it working again. Luckily it was still under warranty. They did replace it with a 2018 China version but it’s been working great.
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    AIMesh node dropping.

    I did a complete "nuclear" reset on both routers and set it all up again using the Ozark's notes but continued to get drops. I ended up putting the node into Repeater Mode and it has been running for days without any drops. I used the same 24 and 50 ssid on the repeater and adjusted the...
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta is now available

    This might have been covered but I noticed is on the gui for my rt-ac68U in repeater mode, the wireless icon under advanced settings briefly appears then disappears.
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    AIMesh node dropping.

    Thanks to you both. I'm using the AC86U as the main router and AC68U as the node - I was getting 5-6 drops a day as well. With two of us working from home and two kids schooling from home, I was not very popular! It's good to know it is at least possible. Ozark - I actually used your very...
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    AIMesh node dropping.

    I'm going through some of these node issues as well and gave up for a while. I'm going to give it another try but I would like to know if anyone has successfully had the aimesh working without drops/disconnects while using wireless back haul only? I just want to confirm that it's possible irl...