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    What is the better purchase between the AX88U and AX86U?

    Do you know what version your AX88U was? I have read about the stability issues but some people said the v1.1 fix it, I don't know how true that is though. I do want to get the AX86u but scared that it won't get merlin support
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    What is the better purchase between the AX88U and AX86U?

    Thank you for the inputs! I have decided to go for the AX88U for now as I’ve been using a basic spare router that was given to me by my ISP without Merlin/diversion for a couple of days now and forgot how valuable it is for my daily usage. I guess, I have grown use to it blocking ads on my...
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    [Asus RT-AX88U] Experiences & Discussion

    I'm currently in the market for a new router and was about to get the USG then stumbled on this router for a more ease of use all in one. Has all the kinks been sorted out and Is this router currently worth the pick up?