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    [Beta 384/NG] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.3 Beta is now available

    Thanks for your continued hard work Merlin as always :) One bug I have found and I believe it's in the official Asus build also is that my system log is full of the following message "unable to send packet on real device for eth1: No buffer space available" and "unable to send packet on real...
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    Could someone help me to configure my Asus RT-AC66 to work with TigerVPN?

    Hi I know this is an old thread but I have a Asus AC68U router and wanted to know if this is still working okay? I haven't signed up to tiger VPN as yet so unable to try. Many thanks
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    Latest Merlin firmware wireless N 200mbps

    Thanks snakebite I think I have tried that and it still took it over 150Mbps. I will have another go though when I get home tonight. Is it because of the driver version that the speed has now increased with the latest firmware? Cheers
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    Latest Merlin firmware wireless N 200mbps

    Hi guys I have an Asus Rt-AC68U and currently have version 378.54_2 firmware installed on it. I have a raspberry pi 2 with a wireless AC adaptor but because of compatibility issues I have to run the adaptor on 5GHZ wireless N at 150mbps. Anything above this (AC) causes the wireless to drop out...