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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    RT-AC68W dirty upgrade from 384.19. So far, so good. Forgot to eject USB drive. Took about 3 hours to get access to GUI. Fairly basic setup.
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    Interface Feature Suggestion-WAN DNS Setting

    Hi. In the LAN/ DNSFilter section, there are drop-downs for selections for i.e OpenDNS Home, Quad9, etc. I think it might be handy to also have similar at the WAN/ Internet Connection page, at WAN DNS Setting, above Account Settings. Pasting screen shot. Thank you.
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    Having issues with SIP Voip when CTF enabled on RT-AC5300 / Merlin 384.7

    I have a AC68U, and I have had some recent inbound (to me) complaints. I also have, along with an old Cisco PAP2T. Some one way audio I cannot hear them, like you. One call voice mail picked up by my provider, when usually my phone voice mail answers. I was wondering if replacing ATA...
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    Roku Netflix problem on Merlin Firmware

    Not sure if you may wish to try a different router for test purposes, if you have access to one, to see if it makes any difference. I had Netflix issues especially w/ my Roku, but a little with my Fire TV as well a couple years ago. Luckily I happened to be moving, and have not had any issues...
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    Windows 10 losing access to Samba directories

    This may not apply here, but just in case. It was useful for my issue. SBMV2 Remember that "browsing" network shares in Windows Explorer is a function of SMBv1, you can't do that in SMBv2. With only SMBv2 enabled you have to...
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    I stumbled across this article after dinner tonight...

    Here's a somewhat of a paranoid so called review IMO on the so called review referred to above. :p
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    Netflix not working on Roku 2 Box

    Glad your ISP isolated and corrected the issue (instead of just blaming Roku or Netflix.) I wonder what the specific ISP issue was.
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    RT-AC66R 380.65 w/Ooma Telco connection issues

    Not sure this helps... But for test purposes you may wish to get a long phone (RJ11) wire and/or long Lan/Network cable. (To make sure it works wired, firstly.) And for my setup with RT-AC68 and an old Linksys PAP2T to work, I need to have SIP Pass-through set to Enable (as opposed to...
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    Netflix not working on Roku 2 Box

    Yes, you got me there! If I was not moving, I suppose my next request would have been to request my provider come out and test from the wall, whatnot. Or maybe consider trying a different provider.
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    Netflix not working on Roku 2 Box

    At my old house, my Netflix on Roku 3 would often stop in first few minutes of shows once in awhile, resulting error messages, whatnot. My Amazon Fire TV would load slower when starting a show, but usually would end up playing OK. Swapped out modem, router, etc. Issue seemed to be between my...
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    Tv pic keep breaking up....what went wrong?

    Just a guess maybe, but wondering if a power filter/ conditioner may be worth a shot. MicroCenter and instrument stores should have them if want to try and return, if doesn't work. One helped me with sound interference associated with my powerline networking...
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    Powerline Networking > PC Sound Interference

    Thanks for all the help. I think I am going to call it good with help of the APC C2.
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    Powerline Networking > PC Sound Interference

    I am pretty sure I had connected a laptop and heard hissing with that as well.
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    Powerline Networking > PC Sound Interference

    Well, broke down and got an APC C2 power filter/ conditioner online. Tried connecting things a few different ways. I have C2 plugged into wall the TP-Link Powerline plugged into it. (I have my Belkin surge protector also plugged directly into the wall there as well.) This gets rid of 99% of...
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    Powerline Networking > PC Sound Interference

    --- Just read this article: After reading I am inclined next step is a power filter, but I probably will not get one right away. Cannot find any chargers or anything interfering. I do however have a...