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    YazFi YazFi v4.x

    Updated to 4.3.2 and we're back to normal. Thank you!
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    YazFi YazFi v4.x

    I was seeing very high CPU usage after upgrading. Reboot and let it sit overnight, still seeing higher than normal from: 255 1 user S 812 0.3 0 14.5 /usr/sbin/jitterentropy-rngd -p /var/run/ Load average is about 1.5 when everything is idle, when it is...
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    Best router choices for Merlin support on a budget

    AC86U is the minimum you should be looking at buying today.
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    The State of the Onion

    Cheers! I love these annual updates, a reminder to send a little PayPal coin to show my appreciation. Happy New Year!
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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin - NTP Daemon for AsusWRT Merlin

    Same, I made the switch to the dev branch & chrony yesterday and all good so far.
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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin - NTP Daemon for AsusWRT Merlin

    My "add ons" tab in the web gui has disappeared, and the /user4.asp page returns a 404. I've completed a uf of NTPMerlin and rebooted my router (AC68U) with no luck. Any ideas on how to get it back?
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    RT AC68U Wireless speed

    I get 350mbps+ with 5ghz wifi from my 68u. That's with adaptive QOS and all the add-on scripts.
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    Buffer Bloat what can I change in router?

    Use QOS and set the up/down values to ~95% of your actual speed test results.
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    Cloudflare for Families

    Cool. Thanks. I just switched over to for my DoT server.
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    Skynet Skynet - Router Firewall & Security Enhancements

    Is there a way to hide the IOT - BLOCKED events from showing in the syslog?
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    Meet Algo, the VPN that works

    Beautiful... so simple, I was up and running in under 20 minutes. Thanks for sharing. Anyone know what ad blocking list it uses?
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    The Dnscrypt Blues?

    Same on my 68u... stubby has been flawless
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    Settings to Lower 2.4ghz microwave EMF radiation exposure!

    A tinfoil hat is the only way.
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    AC68U OC on latest firmware

    This is what you're looking for.. I'm 100% stable for months at 1200,800. 1400 was a no go. echo "#!/bin/sh" > /jffs/scripts/init-start echo "nvram set...