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    Beta [Beta] FragAttack patched test builds (386.2_5)

    RT-AC66U_B1 dirty upgrade from 386.2_4 without a problem. USB drive with Diversion and Unbound stayed plugged in during the upgrade. Thank you!
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    Last feature I find missing in Asuswrt-Merlin

    Surplus router with a static IP on a different address and plug the Dish TV cable into it. Point the router to your gateway IP.
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 Beta is now available

    Small suggestion. When alpha and betas are released include a template for reporting problems. Each user who wants to report a "problem" has to use the template. Router model, previous firmware version, flashed firmware version, reset/erase nvram after flashing, describe problem, etc.
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta (stage 2) is now available

    RT-AC66U_B1 dirty upgrade from beta 4 to beta 5. Running for almost 4 hours without issues. USB with Swap, Entware, Diversion, and YazFi.
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta (stage 2) is now available

    RT-AC66U_B1 Dirty upgrade from beta 3 to beta 4. The first attempt to upgrade got the warning about third-party software, and it didn't flash. Knew it was the right software version so hit upload again and it flashed. No issues, just vanilla install with Diversion and Yazfi. Thank you RMerlin.
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta is now available

    RT-AC66U_B1 Upgraded from 384.19 to 386.1 beta 3, but forgot to unmount the USB stick. Firmware flashed but access to the webgui was impossible. Removed the USB device, did a physical "WPS" reset, and got into the webgui once for about 10 seconds before it froze. Did the physical "Reset" and...
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    YazFi YazFi - enhanced AsusWRT-Merlin Guest WiFi inc. SSID <-> VPN Client

    RT-AC-66U_B1, Merlin 384.17, AMTM 3.1.7, YazFi v4.1.1 Did something change? Just installed the update. The webgui for YazFi no longer displays the guest networks. The text reads, "Feature expansion of guest WiFi networks on AsusWRT-Merlin." There is an "Apply" button that doesn't do...
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    YazFi YazFi - enhanced AsusWRT-Merlin Guest WiFi inc. SSID <-> VPN Client

    @bennor Thanks for the reply. Rolling over the GUI items was the answer for that question.
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    YazFi YazFi - enhanced AsusWRT-Merlin Guest WiFi inc. SSID <-> VPN Client

    @YazFi -- Thank you for this great tool. Post #2 has 11 options and it appears there are 12 on the GUI. Can someone please explain the function of "Two way to guest"? I have a RT-AC66U B1 running 384.15. I have a guest wi-fi on a different subnet than the main LAN. Would like this wi-fi to...
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    [Beta] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.10 Beta is now available

    Beta 3 dirty flashed on RT-AC66_B1. OpenVPN server working fine with one android client connected. Good speeds.
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.9 is now available

    Was able to dirty flash my 66U_B1 from .8_2 to .9 without incident. Been up for over 6 days.
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    Double NAT custom DDNS script

    Thank you for the clarification and great firmware.
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    Double NAT custom DDNS script

    My apologies if post #106 in the Alpha 384.7 thread was interpreted incorrectly. I thought it said 384.7 won't be available for the RT-AC56U.
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    Double NAT custom DDNS script

    @Steffe Appears the RT-AC-56U won't be getting firmware updates anymore. If someone wanted to use your script with, would it be as simple as replacing line 57 with the direct URL provided by "" or...
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    [384.7_Alpha - builds] Testing all variants.

    Thanks for the reply. I'll wait for the Beta for the AC-56U and try it out. If they ban/block I'll report back.