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    Issue with getting into Trendnet TEW-818DRU (Version v1.0R) web interface

    I bought a TEW-818DRU on eBay , and it was listed as working but seller was unable to get into the web interface. The wifi SSID are visible, the LAN serves Ips ( to the laptop. Ping from Laptop to router IP return in milliseconds. don't know the SSID pwd so cant connect to wifi...
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    RT-AC86U 2.4Ghz is gone

    check the status tab for the 2.4g MAC... if the MAC id is missing, the 2.4G radio may about to go kaput... i have a5300 and I can see MAC for 2.4g and lower channel 5g radio. the 2nd 5G radio is dead.... and no MAC id visible on the page ...
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    Do Bluetooth Repeaters exist? Jabra Headset <=> Bluetooth Repeater <=> Windows Laptop

    1) you need a class 1 BT headset... they have like 100 to 300 ft range.... and the laptop also needs to be class 1. 2)IF you really need range, you can get 2 motorcycle BT head sets and use them in intercom mode. will give you ~1/2 mile range ... and a coupe of other features.. some hacking on...
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    Query: Wifi security on a daisy chained router with 2015 firmware

    My Q) Considering that the wifi security on Trendent is WEP2-AES. And the front end security is taken care by the Asus, is there any security risk with using the old firmware on the Trendnet? Details below. Due to the limitations I have on the routers I own currently and what family...
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    Daisy chaining router over wifi

    thanks, just tried it out... looks good ... will see how it works in next few days ... UPDATE: Put adguard DNS on the router and it blocked Hulu from playing as adds were blocked .. so had to remove it ... back to pihole ....
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    Daisy chaining router over wifi

    :D don't like sleeping on the couch ..... I have been happy with pihole... and can work around limitations... uBLock origin is good, but then I sue multiple devices and browsers , so there is issue of using it on all of them ... pihole solves the problem in once go ... ideal solution, no...but...
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    Daisy chaining router over wifi

    I agree the original firmware was stable , I believe the Merlin is also stable. The way I set up pihole is: 2 pihole, setup with only the default blocking list, no extra config on the pihole or the pi Router: LAN DNS: 2 Pi Holes set up LAN DNS Filter set to PiHole unfiltered / unlimited. LAN...
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    Daisy chaining router over wifi

    the trendnet is : 5GHz:Up to 433Mbps, for now that looks sufficient ....
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    Daisy chaining router over wifi

    Thanks. I like running pihole, but family is not ok with the issues it causes. I put Merlin on rt-ac86u and it goes crazy (Even after multiple resets and m&m config). so planning to have a separate network for my devices... and do some experimentation on my ac5300 so not interested in...
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    Daisy chaining router over wifi

    Hi, I am trying to daisy chain (LAN to WAN) my AC86U (primary, official firmware) to my AC5300 (secondary, on Merlin, wifi 2 upper channels not working). currency they are daisy chained wired. I want to see if there is a way to daisy chain over wifi. I want to keep the sub-nets separate The...
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    how to use AC5300 as wired router and 68U as AP

    Additional question in continuation: If I connect the AC5300 (running as router) wan port to AC68U (running as router) LAN port using ethernet cable, will the devices on ac5300 be isolated from the devices on AC68U? If I put all IOT devices on the ac5300 and enable all security, will it keep...
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    ASUS AX88U with Merlin 386.2_2 Brother WiFi printer appears offline

    Facing same issue on my RT-AC86U .. but the printer seems to be connect, haven't faced any issue printing... and the printer shows connected.. may be its only the CLient List page that is havign display issues... have you checked the System Log > Wireless Log .. I find that page to be better...
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    Issues with 386.2_2 on RT-AC86U

    Thanks @Tech9 . The issue is not with device list alone. I lose internet access also when the devices disappear from the device list ... Today morning, the 5ghz disappeared, could log in usign the 2.4g and a reboot made the 5g reappear and work fine ... @Smokindog : I am using this router...
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    Issues with 386.2_2 on RT-AC86U

    I installed 386.2_2 on a new Asus RT-AC86U and it is behaving weirdly.. I had cleaned JFFS and reset the router after the upgrade. All config was done form start. 1) I see random wifi device showing up under the wired interface.. i have nothing connected to wired interface... 2) Some devices...
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    How to enforce time-based restrictions on kids devices

    if your kid is smart enoguh to randomize MAC, then you need to go old tech, lock box....