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Security Researcher for international company. I've been programming in x86 Assembler since 1989. Did some Fortran in 1982/1983 in UofC. Did some BASIC on a Tandy TRS80 color computer in the late 1970s. Worked full time in IT since 1996, IT consultant since 1989. Did programming in crazy number of languages. Was Novell CNA/CNE. Have held job titles of Senior Network Administrator and Senior Applications Systems Administrator, Linux Administrator at different times. SANS GIAC GXPN and GAWN certified.

Joining up to learn how to better secure/manage my home network... Currently have RT-AX88U, may have something newer if I exist here for a number of years.

Security Researcher


Be kind, I have been in IT so long that I have brain damage.
ASUSWRT-Merlin RT-AX88U 386.1_2