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    AC86U: Dual WAN Routing Rules - Trying to set *only* one device to use secondary WAN

    What I do is set the DCHP server ending pool up to like .127. So the router will only issue local IPs between and Then I set up the rules like this using /25. So would have a last IP of Anything I want on my primary WAN I give a manual...
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    [Thread-1] [ 386.1_Alpha Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

    Uptime 3 days 4 hour(s) 51 minute(s) 52 seconds. Running AX86u (in default / router mode) and a AiMesh Node on an AC68U. Using WiFi AX on my iPhone and working well! No Issues at all, I'm running Dual Wan in load balancing mode with routing rules and AiMesh. Stopped using my AX58U (with Merlin...
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    [Thread-1] [ 386.1_Alpha Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

    Wait, where is the link to alpha 4? I can only see 3 or did you self build?
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    [Thread-1] [ 386.1_Alpha Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

    Thanks just reset it using this. Lan 1-4 still not working.
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    [Thread-1] [ 386.1_Alpha Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

    Maybe it's almost time to upgrade from my much loved AC86U :cool::D
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    AI mesh and a switch

    I think my current setup is: Main Router - > AI Mesh (& Switch )- > Sky Q Mini Main Router -> Switch (& AI Mesh) - > Sky Q main box I'm going to try changing it to Main Router -> Switch -> Sky Q Main box, AI Mesh -> Sky Q Mini (from AI Mesh)
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    AI mesh and a switch

    There is this eth1 lost constantly appearing in the logs with the propagating, this is a Sky Q box. Jun 22 02:45:48 kernel: br0: port 3(eth1) neighbor 7f00.xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx lost Jun 22 02:45:48 kernel: br0: topology change detected, propagating
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    AI mesh and a switch

    Hello, I have the primary router (AX56U) connected directly via ethernet to the AI mesh router (AC68u). I have a switch connected to the AX56U which connect to a few other devices. I'm getting disconnects occasionally when the log shows this: Jun 22 18:37:01 kernel: br0: port 6(wds1.0.2)...
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.11 is available

    I know this is nothing to do with merlins build. But has anyone used Dual WAN on a recent build? Wondering if Asus has finally fixed it in a more recent version.
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    Asus RT A68U DNS and connection issues

    I've started getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET recently on Ethernet, is this a hardware issue? It's bearable I only get it like 2/3 times a day.
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    [Release 384/NG] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.5 is now available

    It was more of a joke... o_O
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    [Release 384/NG] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.5 is now available

    I've done this a few times. I'm blaming Asus for their naming convention :D
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    [Preview 384/NG] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.5 early test builds

    Running 384.5_alpha3-ge3dcf47 on my Asus AC68u. Not issues so far, I'm using a Dual WAN setup. Am I just imagining it or does the admin panel feel extra snappy? I haven't been on it for awhile so not sure.
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    [Alpha] Pre-release test builds available (both 380 and 382 branches)

    I had dual Wan issues on AC68U 382.2 alpha (I tried doing a factory reset). Router stats were displaying connected for both WANs but devices were reporting no connection sometimes and failing to load pages. I've reverted back to 380.69 (factory reset after also) and it's working fine again now...
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    Daul WAN with multiple ISP

    Hello, My hardware is as follows: - Asus AC68U (running merlins firmware) - BT Openreach Huawei fiber modem (connects to Asus AC68U) - BT smarthub (new ISP equipment, not yet installed) - Sky Hub (not in use currently) I currently have one ISP but I am having a second line installed with...