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    YazFi YazFi - enhanced AsusWRT-Merlin Guest WiFi inc. SSID <-> VPN Client

    Been running this script on ac88u since a week now without any problems. Just updated to the latest version and will report back if any issues are faced. Cheers !
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    2 VPN Client and 2 WiFi SSID: how to route traffic

    hey thanks for the prompt reply. I was already using the nat-start option but it wasnt working for my scenario. However the vpnclient-route-up scripts seems to be working. I will continue testing this and report back if any errors occur. thanks a lot !
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    2 VPN Client and 2 WiFi SSID: how to route traffic

    hi @Martineau My ISP renews the DHCP lease every night so the VPN has to reconnect and at that time the guest wifi loses its connection with the VPN client. I am running merlin 384.4_2 on ac88u and using your public beta 1.3b. Is there a way to re-run the script once the VPN reconnects? Cheers !