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    Connmon connmon - Internet connection monitoring

    I am really curious about this, too. However, I use cake-qos. If I understand correctly, and I might be wrong, connmon stops cake-qos when doing the ping tests if this option is enabled. Link to the commit with this change: github I wonder how stopping cake-qos every x minutes for y seconds...
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    spdMerlin spdMerlin - v4.x - speedtest and bandwidth monitoring

    Hey, Jack. Thank you. It works great. I just noticed that the results table does not display the unit of uploaded data correctly when it's below 1 MB, it should be KB. Please check the screen shot. Unfortunately, here in my remote location I have to settle for 16/0.78 Mbps adls line.
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    ntpMerlin What is ntpMerlin?

    Thank you for the video. I was amazed during the clapping crowd scene thinking how many times I've experienced that and never ever thought of syncing. I always thought that it was the wish for an encore.
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    Diversion Diversion seems to make Github pages load unreliably

    Skynet was the blocker in my case but after skynet version 7.2.4, I also had to whitelist another IP that github uses ( even though was white listed by Skynet 7.2.4. Just check see what this returns in the answer section and you'll have an idea of what to whitelist in...
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    Unbound unbound_manager (Manager/Installer utility for unbound - Recursive DNS Server) - General questions / discussion thread 2

    I'm also experiencing that and I couldn't find any solutions. All other webui pages (uiDivStats, FlexQoS, ntpMerlin, scMerlin, Skynet, connmon, spdMerlin) survive a reboot, but the unbound gui addon tab.
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    YazFi Redirecting guest network NTP traffic to ntpMerlin

    Thank you very much. I appreciate all of the great and useful work you've put into all of your addons.
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    YazFi Redirecting guest network NTP traffic to ntpMerlin

    Hello, I have gadgets like chromecast, appletv, some tablets on a dedicated guest network. Is it possible to redirect ntp traffic from the guest network to ntpMerlin? I configured chronyd to serve the guest network ip range with: allow and selected "Toggle redirect of all NTP...