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    Gig service on modem but AX11000 says 500Mbs Need Help

    So now after quite a run around with Comcast - They verify that my modem is provisioned at 1.000Mbs down 35 Mbs Up - and has not yet received the new speed increase to 1.4 Gbs/45 Gbs. But at least I can rule out any modem provisioning issue. Disabling the AI Protection provided the biggest bang...
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    I'm getting a new Asus GT-AX-11000

    I, too, recently upgraded from an RT-AC5300 to the GT-AX11000 - what I learned in this process was that the AX provides me with a much more stable connection to the far flung dropcams and rings; that you must disable all the Trendnet AI stuff and say no to the privacy stuff; and that the AX...
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    Gig service on modem but AX11000 says 500Mbs Need Help

    To everyone who has responded overnight - THANK YOU! FYI - I do not have QOS enabled but I do have the AI protection enabled. My plan today was to do a hard factory reset of the router (GT-AX11000, Merlin 386.2_4) and step-wise turn my config features back on to see which one is killing the...
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    Gig service on modem but AX11000 says 500Mbs Need Help

    MB8611 provisioned on xfinity for 1Gbs down 40 Mbs Up. Speed tests run connected directly to modem yield 920 Mbs down 41 Mbs up. When connected to Asus GT-AX11000 via 2.5 Gbs ports on each all I get from the QOS speed test on the router or from a pc wired to it is 500-600 Mbp down 41 Mbs up...
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    WAN LAG on GT AX11000 creates channel bond - but kills internet access Merlin 386.2

    MB8600 on Comcast with latest firmware. CAT-8 matched cables connected to ports 1,2 LAG enabled. GT-AX10000 - Merlin 386.2 running stable & well UNTIL --- I tried to activate the WAN aggregation on the router and plug in the second CAT-8 to port 4 - then the router dashboard shows NO INTERNET...