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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 388.1 Beta is available for select models

    Or, as I understand it, a local TV station with weather radar on the roof of its building, which is my issue. Bottom line is mileage will vary. For one of my 5 GHz networks, I use channel 36 as my control channel and I have no issues channel bonding up to 160 MHz. With the other, if I set...
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    Solved WAN Aggregation not working

    It's like I'm looking in a mirror. 1140 Mbps is my usual downlink speed. You don't want to use QoS beyond something like 500 Mbps down, maybe 300 Mbps, at least not with consumer routers. The CPU can't sort packets fast enough. You have more than enough bandwidth, especially at gig speeds. It's...
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    Solved WAN Aggregation not working

    For now, I would restore the old settings file that you have to at least get it working. You've definitely cleared out the NVRAM at this point, so the issue's beyond my knowledge. The only novice advice I have left to give is search around and see if anything's going on with your modem, if it's...
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    Solved WAN Aggregation not working

    Yes I am. Can't help you with that. Good luck.
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    Solved WAN Aggregation not working

    That is weird, especially loading the old config file. Like I said, I got mine to work, but it did not work well. Tons of errors in the log literally every second. But if both of us were doing WAN aggregation with the same router on the same firmware (Merlin) at some point last year and you...
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    Constant DDNS refreshes

    So I'm here in October 2022 because I started seeing this error and and started searching the forms for it. Mine was caused by an internet outage. Once the modem regained a WAN connection, the error started. Kind of makes sense. Hitting apply on the DDNS page worked as detailed above. Thank...
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    Solved WAN Aggregation not working

    I tried messing with WAN aggregation on my AX88U and a Netgear CM1100 modem a while back. I was able to get it up and running, but the log spit out errors constantly. It worked, just not very well. I had to disable it. One of the mistakes I made early on was connecting both ethernet cables to...
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    Native IPv6 - no LAN IP's populating

    Will do. Thank you so much.
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    Native IPv6 - no LAN IP's populating

    Point is it was definitely the ISPs doing. Again, I'm kind of a novice, but they denied my CM1100 IPv6 access for some reason. Everything was fine until maybe two weeks ago, so whatever they changed was pretty recent.
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    Native IPv6 - no LAN IP's populating

    It was my modem. I factory reset my AX88U, added back settings manually, and still couldn't get IPv6 up and running. Today, I swapped out my CM1100 for a Moto MB8611, had Spectrum provision it, and bang, native IPv6 support was back. No idea why Spectrum suddenly decided to block IPv6 on that...
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    Native IPv6 - no LAN IP's populating

    I'm very much a novice, but IPv6 was working fine on my AX88U with 386.7 (and previous versions) until a few days ago. Same thing, suddenly no LAN IP's will populate for native IPv6. Tried troubleshooting to no avail, including disabling DNSSEC and DNS-over-TLS. No dice. Only weird thing I saw...
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    Is the grass greener on the ASUS side?

    I've had three Asus routers: the N66U, AC88U, and, currently, the AX88U. All of them have gems. The fact that I've bought three Asus routers in ten years speaks for itself.
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    Advice for Gamer

    I'm also on a PS4 Pro and I'm also a Destiny player, although I finally got around to building a gaming PC and I've been using it more as of late. I have an Asus AC3100 that has been a very capable performer. I probably have the slowest external connection of anybody here, only 6 Mbps up/60...
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    Apple Exiting Wi-Fi Router Biz

    I did like the older Airport Express units for their portability, but you can find solutions for that elsewhere and usually at better prices. The shocking thing is it looks like they're abandoning Airplay as a local audio streaming solution.
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    FW_RT_N66U_B1_3003144 Released!

    It might mean that address is taken, but on the build before .144, I couldn't even contact the server. I did wipe NVRAM right before I upgraded to .144. That might have done the trick when I set up the ddns on .144.